Friday, September 16, 2016

Lecce, Italy 2016

Here is my capstone to my Italian summer! I'm still sorry I've been so MIA but I finally finished editing this project and although it isn't the best travel video ever I feel like it really completely and beautifully showcases my experience in Italy that I would love to share with you all. Those of you who were reading Love by Meagan over the summer might remember all these Italy posts. This is the final visual I've made for myself and you all. This is a super short blog post, I know, but I really hope you will all watch the video! If you like it be sure to subscribe and like it and hopefully I will have more fun vlogs and video montages coming up! Thank you so much for your support this summer and with this hiatus I've been on.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Influenster's Endless Summer Voxbox!

Okay. First of all let me address the elephant in the room. (Maybe it's only in my room?) I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long! I know I posted that Trunk Club post the other day but besides that I've been so MIA! I just started my sophomore year of college as a transfer (which I will write about of course!) and it has been so busy. I'm in my first apartment and have two great roommates who have been so welcoming. I've also been visited by my best friend and my boyfriend these past two weekends. In between all of that, school, extra curriculars, and settling in, I just haven't had any time to do anything. Especially blogging. Which breaks my heart because I missed it! I needed this time off though and honestly, I might still be a bit sporadic in my postings these upcoming weeks because I'm still a bit all over the place. But I am officially back in America, there will be an Italy vlog coming soon, and I promise I will try my best to figure this whole schedule out.

PHEWPH! Okay. That's all for that for now. Let's check out this Voxbox! Honestly, I don't completely understand how Influenster works still. Basically though, you sign up, you hook up all your social media, and you try to get these cool "Voxbox" boxes that they send out full of free goodies! All you have to do in return in promote the products on social media and blog (or YouTube or Pinterest or...) about the products! And oh boy I am so excited for these products. I was lucky enough to get Influsneter's Endless Summer Voxbox. Check out the amazing products below!
Max Factor's Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner: $9.99
I gotta be honest. This eyeliner was not my favorite. But also to be fair, I am super picky with my eyeliners. I love liquid eyeliner (I practically only use liquid eyeliner) and this was a marker which I'm notoriously bad at applying. The applicator tip was in the shape of a paddle, so you can make your eyeliner thick or thin which I think is a great idea. I can't say I'll be reaching for this one a ton but it's a great idea and if you love marker eyeliners I highly recommend this one! I am just a lost cause in terms of marker eyeliners.
Max Factor's Masterpiece Max Mascara: $9.99
I loved this! You know when you get a mascara and it's just way too goopy and you have to wipe off the excess and then you blink and the skin around your eyes gets all black? Not this eyeliner! It made my practically nonexistent eyelashes totally noticeable (my boyfriend even commented) and didn't get everywhere. I think I'll be grabbing this one to use on my bottom lashes and on natural makeup days!
Numi Organic Tumeric, Jasmine Green, and Pu-erh Teas: $7.49-$8.99
I love tea and I love this tea. I got three tea bags with the above listed flavors and they were truly so flavorful and delicious. I felt weirdly relaxed while drinking them? Is that a thing? I'll definitely be grabbing these and recommending them to my tea-loving mother next time we're at the market!
Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Leave-In Conditioner: $3.50 or $9.00
I have always wanted to try Not Your Mother's products and I just never have gotten around to it so when I heard that this product was in my Voxbox I was beyond excited. It certainly didn't disappoint either! I'm always in a rush when I shower because I have so many other things to do and I never get to really sit there with my conditioner so I was so happy to receive leave-in conditioner. I just spray this on after I shower and it works to strengthen and lengthen my hair!
Seche Vite Mini: $1.99
Okay I know this is technically a mini but it's a great size! I got a pink color called "intrepid" and a clear topcoat. I've been wearing it for a few days now and it hasn't chipped at all! This top coat is really working wonders and the luminescent pink is so pretty for an end of the summer pow.
Iron-Tek Essential Protein: $44.99
A normal sized container of this is thirty servings! It lasts so long and really helps improve your performance and appearance paired with working out. I got a chocolate flavor (my favorite!) that I mixed into some of my morning smoothie shakes and I felt so awake and ready for the world the rest of the day. I can't wait to buy a full size of this one because it's such a winner.

Thanks so much to Influenster for providing these complimentary products and sponsoring this post! Can't wait to receive my next Voxboxes and review some new goodies!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Trunk Club #2

Back again with another Trunk Club! If you missed the first one check it out! Trunk Club is sort of like a clothing subscription service but you only get a box when you want one, you work with a personal stylist, and you only pay for what you keep. Like not even shipping. They even send you a return label! The entire process is so great and easy and I would recommend it for honestly everyone. My stylist's name is Alyssa and like. This entire box. I want the entire box. If I had the money, seriously, I would buy it all. This entire box was perfect. Unfortunately I had to narrow it down. Read ahead to see what I thought! You can get your own right here!
Print Sleeveless Mock Neck Blouse in black from Vince Camuto: $69
This shirt was really cute! Would be great for a nice dinner night. Nothing too special about it but it fit my body really nice since it was flowy.
Side Shirred Knit Dress in black from Halogen: $68
Okay. Okay. This dress was PERFECT. It was like a warm hug. SO comfy and so cute. It really complimented my figure and when I paired it with the Steve Madden shoes it was like a dream first date outfit. Assuming I can find a guy over 6'2 cause I was tall with these on.
Long Sleeve Turtleneck in black from Halogen: $39
Long story short I just can't do turtlenecks.
Zip Detail Square Neck Drop in burgundy from Halogen: $78
This one wasn't my favorite but like if I had the money I honestly would have bought everything in this box. The zippers confused me (I unzipped the wrong one at first) but it was such a pretty deep color and would have been great for meetings and work. It was also THE HARDEST THING EVER to take off over my boobs. Eek.
Zip Front Midi Skirt in black from Halogen: $69
I WAS SO TEMPTED. So tempted. I didn't even love this skirt. But I still loved it. It was comfy and sexy librarian and great. Does that make sense at all? All I can say though: panty lines. Womp womp.
Double V Neck Shift Dress in orange from Halogen: $69
I didn't love this at all. Also very shapeless. And short. AH.
Shoulder Pleat Sleeveless Tee in white from Trouvé: $39
This one also wasn't my favorite. It was basically a nice, soft white tank top. I didn't look great on my body and it was a bit sheer which is always my least favorite thing. I never know what to wear under it!
Twist Front Crop Top in black from Topshop: $30
I kind of already have a decent amount of crop tops with nowhere to wear them. And this one just didn't do anything for me. My roommate said it looked like just the front shrunk in the wash. Cute, but not for me. It looked fire with the leather jacket. Unfortunately as you will read later in this post though, that one didn't fit me.
Off the Shoulder Trapeze Dress in red from Topshop: $75
This dress was super short on me and it really only worked with a belt that my roommate gave to me. Otherwise it was very shapeless. It was also orange. Not red. I did really like it with the belt but it was just a tid tad too orange and a tid tad too short.
Crinkle Twist Back Midi Dress in black from Topshop: $55
This dress was a little too formal and a little too sexy for me to have anywhere to wear it. The material was unreal though. I loved it so much. Get me a dress like this that's a BIT shorter. And I am so down.
'Joni' High Rise Skinn Jeans in black from Topshop: $65
I went back and forth on these jeans for a while. Jeans that fit me are pretty hard to find because I have a small waist, wide hips, and a relatively tiny booty (not too tiny just relatively). These jeans were STRETCHY though! And the only other black jeans I have owned were for my job at Starbucks and they didn't fit at all lol. These however, were so comfy. Only downside is there weren't belt loops. So I kept pulling them up even in the few minutes I had them on.
Cold Shoulder Shift Dress in pink from Vince Camuto: $148
For $148 it just wasn't worth it. It didn't fit my hips or butt well but the off the shoulder/open shoulder type thing was very cute. I wish it would've worked. But just short and not fitting the hips well. As usual. Pray for my body type please.
'Claara' Block Heel Sandal in black from Steve Madden: $119.95
So here's the thing I literally don't own heels. I'm tall so I've never needed them. I think they're so cute though and I'm growing into this phase where I just want to wear heels all the time. I feel like I've missed out on so much (but also saved a lot of money). These are perfect and considering how expensive shoes are these days, a great price from Steve Madden.
Faux Leather Jacket in black from BLANKNYC: $98
This leather jacket was so cute but it also had weird zippers, and it didn't fit my arms or shoulders very well. My roommate actually almost bought it, but the shoulder pads killed it.
Crepe Shift Dress in purple from Felicity & Coco: $88
I thought this one was pretty cute! It was a shapeless purple dress that hit mid thigh. Not shapeless in a bad way, just sort of a high end t-shirt dress. It could've been cute with a dress and the right shoes but was just a biiiiiit too short for my tall stature. (I''m 5'10 and 3/4 if anyone was curious at this point)

I ended up getting the side shirred knit dress from Halogen and I think I'll find some cheaper heels somewhere like Forever 21. I love these heels so much but I spent too much at Disneyland the other day. You understand, right? Alyssa did such a wonderful job with this box and I can't wait to get more from her! If you want your own Trunk Club click this link!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Horoscopes Can Be A Thing

People often find themselves scanning the horoscope pages in magazines or discussing zodiac sign characteristics with friends, thinking "it's just for jokes, nothing more." Or they are the people who really look to it for direction. Horoscopes and astrology began with the ancient Greeks--they advanced the belief that the position of the planets and the sun has an impact on a person's life when time zones, location, and positions are all deliberated.

Whether laughing or honestly inquiring, looking into horoscopes is fun and uplifting and sometimes simplistically motivational to get you to focus on "your" path; you can take from them what's relevant or meaningful to you. Here are four ways to incorporate some astrological fun in your day, seriously and ironically!

1. Watch a video
Stop reading about whether your prospects of making bank this week are looking up and see how you look eating a potato chip! (Editor's note: seriously check out that video. I don't understand it but I love it at the same time)
2. Get some jewelry that matches your zodiac sign
It's subtle yet interesting; it's personal, handmade, and in support of small businesses. Check some out here and here!

3. Laugh at what's supposedly each zodiac sign's worst quality!

4. Or, just pretend to care:
Horoscopes are awesome because they allow you to decide how much weight they carry. Have some fun, learn a bit more!

Editor's Note: Hey you guys! Thanks for reading this guest post by Mitsi Gamble, an associate of Linda C. Black Astrology where you can find the most accurate daily horoscopes for each sign. I seriously love this website. I used to have an app on my phone for my horoscope and now I just check this website every day. It has so many more details than most other websites and horoscope apps! I'm a leo, what are your signs? Let us know below if you keep up with astrology or not!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Americans Try Italian Candy

Guess who's back, back again. Sophie and I are! Last week you may have seen our Italian Makeup Haul. Well this here is part two to the videos we filmed for you guys. This time around we're trying some Italian candy. We really went all out and just grabbed everything that we could find at the supermarket that didn't look familiar. After this there will be one more vlog about our travels in Italy and then that's it! I go home on Friday and start school on Monday.

Note that we kept commenting about how weird their chocolate tasted. I actually read an article today about how Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars are only 11% chocolate and they add a ton of milk, sugar, and other acidic components to make it taste how it does. Americans have gotten so used to the taste of "our" chocolate that they have to do this so it tastes good to us. Fun fact though: Apparently it tastes like vomit to everyone else. Crazy! I love Hershey's Bars!

This has been such a whirlwind of an adventure and I literally would not have been able to survive without Sophie. This video was so fun to film and I hope you all enjoy! My next blog goal is to reach 10,000 page views and my next YouTube goal is to reach 100 subscribers (only 83 away) so please be sure to share! Let us know if you've tried any of these candies before and what your favorite candy is.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Apartment Wants

I have to be honest, lately I've been a bit uninspired with the posts I've been writing. I've still been enjoying blogging but I've just hit a writers block. Even when I come up with ideas for posts I always get stuck actually starting and finishing them. I thought I could write another Italy post but honestly, I feel like I would just be repeating myself. On the other hand, however, I am super exciting to be moving into my first apartment. The problem with posting about that being that I am a week away from moving in still, and I can't film or take pictures of anything first hand.

So I thought I'd go a bit simple today! Since we all know I love hauls (and here and here) I've scoured the internet from HobbyLobby to Target and everything in between and here are the top items that I want to pick up when I get home for my apartment! (there will I'm sure be a separate post for what I actually get and a separate post for school supplies and such) The apartment is fully furnished so this faux haul is leaning more towards decorations today!
You read that right! I want a humidifier! And I am not the mother of three! Okay I don't know if that's actually the stereotype but the only person I know who uses humidifiers are my mother and singers. Hello. That second one is me. Because my theatre program only allows for between 1-3 absences per semester per class I really cannot be getting sick or raspy or gross and snotty. Enter the humidifier. Super useful, super healthy, and super moisturizing. This is all I need in my life.
Scent Diffusers
I really hope my roommates like scents because I love scents. I love these reed scent diffusers but have never had the pleasure of owning one and would love to keep one on my bedside table or in the bathroom or something like that to keep things upbeat around the apartment! This particular set is from P.F. Candle Co.
Candles Holders
I could make an entire post solely on the candles I want, have, and need in my life. And now that I say that I actually might do that. Today, however, we're going to keep it to candle holders and look how cute this set is. Though my apartment does allow candles, they have to stay in the fireplace (makes sense?) This Danya B Filagree Hurricane Rose Gold candle holder set would be a great accent among other candles I think! They also come in a champagne color if the rose gold is too intense.
Jewelry Storage
I have a plethora of earrings, rings, necklaces, and other knick knacks laying around my bathroom at home and I know I desperately need some storage from them. I love this simple glass box that will encourage me to keep my jewelry looking neat while still keeping all my pieces in one place!
Book Ends
I kind of love these A to Z Danya B bookends. Last year in my dorm and sorority house I ended up throwing my books in whatever drawer or on whatever shelf they fit on. At the end of the semester I always ended up keeping the books I knew I'd love to reread or the textbooks that would serve me well for my major and career in the future but I had no where to put them without everything seeming cluttered. At least for the year that I'm in my apartment these should help a ton!
I love mason jars, so hopefully I will be able to pick up a set of these to use for pens, pencils, makeup brushes, sugar, flour, really anything! They are so versatile while still being great decoration pieces for any house, room, or apartment!
I might go for something more decorative or colorful than this one, but I always find myself in need of a vase or two so why not pick up something cheap like this after I first move in? Even if I'm not receiving flowers I love getting some when I go to the market to keep the space I'm in alive and have something to take care of if only for a week.
Clothing Rack
This might seem like an odd one but of everything on this list I might want to get this one first. I'm sharing my closet with one other girl who lived in this apartment last year and she told me that it is quite small. Whether or not it is small by interpretation (she thought I should check it out before I bought a garment rack) I know I have tons of stuff I hang up since 90% of my wardrobe is dresses. So this will be an addition to my room for sure!
I love clocks especially in kitchens! Yes, I have my phone, but I just love how they look and they take even less effort than a phone if you're near one! This one in particular has a simple, sleek look that I think would go well with some of the other decorations I've been picking out!
Curtains are always a good idea, but particularly so when your room and your roommates room has clear glass doors to the sitting area and entrance door. Not quite sure why our school chose these exact doors but I figure some curtains inside our doors will be a good idea when we are getting ready or sleeping!
I know the one above might seem a bit surfer dude cheesy but I think it's pretty cute considering my school is but a short drive away from tons of Southern California beaches. I'd also love to get some wall decor with quotes maybe!

Have any suggestions for what I should get for my apartment? Let me know what you suggest below!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Italian Makeup Haul

Okay, excuse this icon, it's the thumbnail for my new YouTube video, and my friend and I totally forgot to actually take a picture for me to edit.

Damn Meagan, back at it again with the YouTube videos. Okay I hate myself for using that meme and I know it's months old but I've found myself referencing it too much lately. And it's true! I am back at it with some YouTube videos. I've been hoping to get this channel rolling so I can have it partnered with this blog. So sometimes you'll get YouTube videos and other times you'll get straight posts. I'm not a natural writer, I'm a natural talker (I can pound out a great essay for school but journalism is something new to me) ((and I just love talking)) so I'm experimenting with both for now. This video brings you myself and my friend Sophie, here in Italy, doing a chatty Get Ready With Me/Italian makeup haul.

Sophie and I found this shop called Kiko Milano that had super crazy sales going on. I bought a ton of stuff for under $50 and Sophie also got a lot for under $20! There's no way I could've budgeted that well in a Sephora or even an Ulta with the amount that I got. If you have a YouTube we'd love for you to give it a like and subscribe so you can be the first to see these videos! We have another video coming up, Americans Try Italian Candy, so you really don't want to miss that one!

Thanks for reading and watching! What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Love by Lecce: Buon Appetito

This will be my last post in the Love by Lecce series. It's crazy we've come to two months so quickly (I leave in ten days!) but here we are! As always, this post will be in Italian and in English. This post is going to look a bit longer because each language section needs the same pictures for it to make sense. Thank you for following along!

Non posso finire la serie "Love da Lecce" senza un post sul cibo! Sono in Italia, dopo tutto! Ci sono così tanti ristoranti a Lecce che non avrei potuto visitarli tutti neanche se ci avessi provato. Per fortuna, ho avuto modo di visitare un gran numero di ristoranti e posso facilmente dire che non ce ne era uno che non mi piaceva. Non credo che potrei mai stancarmi di pasta, pizza, formaggio e vino. Così, oggi vi poterò nel mio viaggio sul cibo italiano!
Prima di tutto, uno dei miei preferiti: The American Hamburger. In ogni ristorante che aveva "hamburger" sul menu, il piatto sarebbe venuto fuori in questo modo. Hamburger di carne senza formaggio, condimenti, pomodori, lattuga, o il pane! La prima volta che abbiamo visto questo, abbiamo pensato che fosse divertente, anche se non un po' deludente. Tuttavia, ora mi piace questa versione italiana di hamburger.
Ora: i dolci! Cosa sarebbe l'Italia senza tiramisù, naturalmente. Ma quello che ho amato quasi più del tiramisù era il soufflé di cioccolato che ho trovato in quasi tutti i ristoranti! Erano tutti così caldi a ben fatti, di solito con un qualche tipo di frutta. Il tiramisù qui è venuto in tutte le forme e dimensioni diverse con varie decorazioni che ho trovato così interessante!
Avanti: carne. La carne costituisce l'intero "secondi piatti" sul menù dei ristoranti in Italia. Secondi piatti potrebbero essere sia di pesce o animali di terra. Una notte ho ordinato un "piatto di carne." E 'stato solo un piatto di patatine fritte sotto un hamburger (stile italiano ovviamente), salsicce, pancetta, kebab, manzo e pollo. La cameriera mi aveva avvertito che sarebbe stato abbastanza per due persone ma l'ho preso comunque. E' stato soddisfatto il mio desiderio per la carne americana come pancetta e hot dog. La foto sopra è un piatto di carne che abbiamo fatto al nostro corso di cucina. All'interno del manzo ci sono il formaggio e maiale!
Cosa sarebbe l'Italia senza la pizza? La prima foto è di una tradizionale Pizza Margherita. La foto qui sotto è di un metro di lunghezza, e' la pizza Diavolo. Sì. UNA PIZZA LUNGA UN METRO. Era pazzesco, c'erano sei di noi e abbiamo finito tutto più un altro mezzo metro, che non è nella foto. È vero, l'Italia sa come fare la pizza senza dubbio.
Sappiamo tutti che io sono una grande fan di Starbucks. Nonostante l'Italia praticamente abbia inventato il caffè espresso, non hanno alcun Starbucks e a loro certamente non piace la bevanda dolve che beviamo tutti i giorni da Starbucks. Non troverete un magro caffè latte di soia latte alla vaniglia qui, amici miei. Di solito non si trovano caffè con ghiaccio. La foto sopra, però, è di una speciale bevanda di Lecce chiamato Caffè Leccese. È fatto con caffè espresso, ghiaccio, e un particolare tipo di latte di mandorle dolci. È uno dei miei preferiti!

Ci sono troppi tipi di pasta di lista ogni tipo che ho provato mentre all'estero in Italia. Questa foto è anche dalla nostra classe di cucina quando abbiamo fatto gli gnocchi. Io sono una grande amante della pasta, la mia unica lamentela è che i ristoranti qui non mettono il parmigiano sulla loro pasta! E potrei amare il formaggio ancora più di quanto io ami la pasta...
Questa foto è dal tour della fabbrica in pomodoro. Ci sono le melanzane e pomodori di essiccazione, come si può vedere. Amano melanzane qui e le utilizzano in un sacco di diversi piatti. Non mi piacciono molto pomodori casa, ma i pomodori qui in Italia sono così buoni. Ho davvero apprezzato la piccola selezione di prodotti che ho avuto qui!
L'età legale per bere alcolici in Italia è di 18 anni, così naturalmente ho cercato di bere molte diversi birre e vini (va bene, per lo più solo vino) che posso mentre qui! I cocktail sono solo i cocktail americani, bevande come "screwdrivers" e "rusty nails." Il vino qui è così buono! La mia amica Sophie e io abbiamo deciso che amiamo Chardonnay, un vino bianco un po' dolce. Amano anche il rosato qui quindi non posso lamentarmi.
Cosa sarebbe questo post se non parlo del gelato? Niente! Ecco una delle tante foto che ho ho fatto dei bei gelati qui in Italia. Ho deciso che mi piacciono i sapori più dolci come Panna Cotta e Nutella. Sì, mi mancano le diverse opzioni di sapore per gelati (e caldo fudge!) Dell'America, ma il gelato qui è così soffice, cremoso, e semplicemente delizioso. Non si può visitare l'Italia senza gustare qualche gelato!
I couldn't finish out my Love by Lecce series without a post about food! I am in Italy after all! There's so many restaurants in Lecce I'm sure even in these two months I wouldn't have been able to visit them all if I had tried. Thankfully, I was able to visit a lot of them and can easily say that there wasn't one that I disliked. I don't think I could ever get tired of pasta, pizza, cheese, and wine. So today, I take you through my Italian food journey!
First off, one of my favorites: The American Hamburger. Without fail, any restaurant that had "hamburger" listed on the menu, the plate would come out like this. Hamburger meat without cheese, condiments, tomatoes, lettuce, or even a bun! The first time we encountered this we thought it was hilarious if not a bit disappointing. However, we have grown to love these Italian versions of hamburgers.
Next up: desserts! What would Italy be without tiramisu, of course. But what I found that I loved almost more than tiramisu was the chocolate soufflés I found at almost every restaurant! They were all so warm and well made, usually plated with some sort of fruit. The tiramisu here came in all different shapes and sizes with various decorations which I thought was so interesting!
The next on the list is: meat. Meat made up the entire "secondi piatti" on Italian restaurant menus whether it be fish or land animals. I wish I had a picture of the "meat plate" I got at one restaurant. It was literally a plate of french fries topped with a hamburger (Italian style of course), sausages, bacon, kebabs, beef, and chicken. The waitress had warned me it was meant for two people but I got it anyways. It definitely satisfied my cravings for American meat! The picture above is a meat plate we made at our cooking class. Inside of the beef you see is cheese and pork!
Again, what would Italy be without pizza? The first pizza picture is of a traditional Margherita Pizza. The picture below is of a meter long Diavolo Pizza. Yes. A METER LONG PIZZA. It was crazy, there were six of us and we finished it all plus another half meter that is not in the picture. It's true, Italy knows how to make pizza without a doubt.
We all know I'm a big fan of Starbucks. Despite Italy basically inventing espresso, they do not have any Starbucks and they certainly do not like the sickeningly sweet beverages that we drink everyday. You will not find a skinny soy vanilla latte here, my friends. You usually won't even find iced coffee. The photo above though, is of a special iced coffee drink from Lecce called a Caffè Leccese. It is made with espresso, ice, and a special kind of sweet almond milk. It has become a favorite of mine! Other than this though, they basically all drink straight espresso. Bleck.
There are way too many types of pasta to picture and list every type I have tried while abroad in Italy. This picture is also from our cooking class when we made gnocchi. I am a huge pasta fan, my only complaint is most restaurants don't put parmesan cheese on their pasta! And I might love cheese even more than I love pasta...
This photo is from the tour of the tomato factory. There are eggplants and tomatoes drying, as you can see. They really like eggplant here and use it in a lot of different meals. I don't really like tomatoes back home but the tomatoes here in Italy are so good. I've really enjoyed the small selection of produce that I've had here!
The legal drinking age in Italy is 18 years old so naturally I have been trying out as many different beers and wines (okay mostly just wine) that I can while here! Their cocktails are basically just American cocktails, drinks like "screwdrivers" and "rusty nails." The wine here is so good! My friend Sophie and I have latched onto Salentinian (the region we are in) Chardonnay, a white wine with a bit of sweetness. They also love rosé here so I can't complain. (Rosé all day, right?)
What would this post be without gelato? Nothing! Here is one of many photos I have taken of the beautiful gelato here in Italy. I have decided I like the sweeter flavors like Panna Cotta and Nutella. Though I miss the diverse flavor options for ice cream (and hot fudge!), the gelato here is so smooth, creamy, and simply delicious. You can't visit Italy without getting some gelato!

What is your favorite Italian food? Let me know in the comments below!