Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break Round 1: Part 2

I'm writing this as my Spring Break is coming to a close (though this will not be posted until Wednesday). I am also writing this as I shove copious amounts of chocolate into my mouth. So much for SoulCycle and eating healthy? Just for today, okay?
I had a lovely Tuesday and Wednesday of my week doing absolutely nothing. I think I stayed in my pajamas literally the entire day. I caught up on a bunch of TVs shows, slept, and relaxed. Compared to cold, rainy days at college in Oregon, the California weather was a welcome change. I definitely took advantage of the sun and the warmth.
Thursday, my mom and I took our first ever trip to SoulCycle in Palo Alto. It was definitely a great workout and we ended up going back again on Saturday evening for a Beyoncé themed ride (at least musically). I also saw my friend, Blake, after our ride on Thursday. We met up for lunch at a Starbucks (though I impulse ordered a burrito from the Mexican restaurant next door) and talked for a little over an hour and a half. I hadn't seen him since the summer and hadn't really been able to catch up or talk in much longer than that. Blake is a junior in high school right now, we met doing theatre, so it was great to hear about his shows that he's been doing and how school has been going. That night, my family and I went out for a nice dinner while I was still at home. I got French Onion Soup, which is my absolute favorite.
The next day, I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood before meeting up with my other friend, Dani. Dani is also a junior in high school who I met through theatre, and hearing about where she wants to go to college and what she wants to do with her life and how high school is going was all very fun. We ended up getting some lunch at Coupa Cafe and also going a tech+art gallery called Pace, that had teamed up with a tech company to provide interactive and futuristic exhibits. We'd heard of it since so many people had been taking pictures in a room called the Crystal Room. In the Crystal Room, strands of medium light bulbs are hung from floor to ceiling. There's really no way to accurately describe it without going into the room yourself (if you live in the Bay Area, it's here until July 1st). It's really magical and peaceful and dazzling all at once. I included some pictures above and below to try to give you a feel of what it was like. The exhibit had other cool rooms with other various light structures, and even a room where you could color pictures with oil pastels and then scan them into a scene that was projected onto the wall.
On Saturday, I took advantage of relaxing again (besides that Beyoncé SoulCycle class I mentioned before). I read books a little bit, wrote a little bit, online window shopped, and laid outside in the sun. Sunday, being Easter, my family and I went out to the coast to have Easter brunch. It's a tradition that I didn't want to miss which is why I went back to school a day late. It was worth it for the endless hallways of buffet brunch and the petting zoo! Pictures below for that as well. There were bunnies, goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens, and even an alpaca. Though it was foggy out on the coast, back at home it was sunny which was nice before flying back to cold Oregon.
All in all, this unintentional two-week Spring Break was very nice and very much needed. Now though, I am back at school and ready to kill this quarter. It is my last quarter at University of Oregon and I want to make the most of it. In the fall, I will be heading off as a sophomore to Chapman University! So many new changes to come...

Monday, March 28, 2016

What I Learned from My First Year at College

Here is my obligatory "I am a freshman and here is what I learned this year" post. I know. You were all waiting for it, weren't you? Since you haven't read twenty other versions of this same post. Reflecting on the past seven months though, I genuinely feel like I have learned a lot. I feel like there are some things that people miss while looking for what they want in a college and some things that people focus a little bit too much on. In addition to that, I will be transferring colleges in the fall, so I went through that entire college application process again and definitely knew what I want this time around. Here is what I learned.

1. If you want to be succeed, surround yourself by motivated people.
Of course it isn't just enough to surround yourself with motivated people, but it is a large step in the right direction. You can't be cynical of those who succeed and you can't expect to succeed if you don't put in the work. If I have friends that want to do well, I know I can go to them for study groups or text them about any questions I have.

2. Talk to your teachers!
This, theoretically, should have been something you already did in high school. If it isn't something you are used to doing or if you think it won't help--stop right there. Not only are office hours and teacher appointments super helpful in terms of getting work done, but your teachers will love you so much more for using your resources. If you can't go to office hours, email them! Teachers/TAs/GTFs love when you ask them questions because that is what they are there for. I sent my composition teacher probably fifty emails and it helped me with my essays so much.

3. It is okay if you don't know what you want to do.
One of the most stressful things about college is there is too much to do. Not in terms of homework or studying (though yes, there is a lot of that) but in terms of clubs and classes and seminars and shows and workshops and intramural sports and generally just taking care of yourself. I went into college knowing what I wanted to do no question. I have begun to exit my first year knowing that I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I am a mess, oh my gosh. I thought I had part of my life together because I knew I wanted to act but oh ho ho. No. I love the wide range of classes I can and am required to take, but I no longer have any idea what I want to do! Act? Be a CEO? Be the leader of the free world? WHO KNOWS? And that is is so okay. Because even the seniors don't know what they're doing.

4. Even if you don't know what you're doing, find something to be passionate about.
It is easy to get lost and caught up in the anxiety and stress and busyness of college life. There will be a million and one people asking you to sign a petition or take a flyer or asking you if you want to join a bible study group. Bulletin boards will be filled with posters and the university will seem to be encouraging you to do everything you possibly can do. It's great to keep yourself busy, but to save yourself from being completely overwhelmed, find something that is yours. Not exclusively, obviously, there are hundreds to thousands of people around you, but something that you love and will always make you happy. Something that you can put your heart into. Don't graduate college and look back and wonder what the heck you were doing the entire time.

5. Please for the love of God, don't leave assignments and studying to the last minute.
You hear a lot about college students who don't get enough sleep and stay up all night in the library studying or finishing a project. Yes, I am a freshman. Yes, I have heard mixed rumors about which year is the easiest year at college, but I do know one thing. I have not once had to pull an all nighter or had to stay up late to finish an assignment or stress over a test. I have gotten great grades so far because I plan ahead. The second I get my syllabi, I put everything into my planner and put any tests, quizzes, or essay due dates into my calendar with an alert. Teachers aren't always going to remind you about assignments and this way, you don't forget about a thing. If you have down time, start something that's due soon if you can! Pro tip: Get a studyblr. I will explain what that is in a post that's coming up. But seriously. Google it. They are life savers.

6. Learn to budget!
I came into college fresh off a summer job budget. I quickly learned that because I no longer had a job, I could not be spending that much. However you're earning your income in college, learn to budget it. Online shopping is going to have to take a backseat, because food is (arguably) more important to survival.

7. Find your "spot."
It is a rare time in your freshman year of college that you will be alone. Whether you are in the dorms, a sorority house like myself, or an apartment, people will likely always be around. My "spots" are the study rooms in the library, Starbucks, or my sorority house's TV room. The library rooms are quiet and private and give me time to relax with my own thoughts. Starbucks is a bit louder, but still allows me to set up my own space and do what I need to do. The TV room rarely has people in it past eleven o'clock, so I will occasionally lay on the couches in there for a half hour or so before I go to bed to wrap up my day. Somewhere that can be "yours" even if it isn't yours (e.g. Starbucks) is vital to staying sane.

8. Don't forget about your friends and family back home.
My first term, I was very overwhelmed with getting to know the campus and the people around me. I wouldn't change that, but something I am very grateful for is reconnecting with my friends from high school this past term. They already know me, and it's nice to have someone comfortable to talk to that has been with you through a lot of life already. I also text my parents throughout the day like everyday which I find very helpful. If you're stressed out, or proud of something you did, or just sitting around bored, your parents are always going to want to talk to you. Don't forget about where you came from!

9. Treat yoself.
This comes in many forms. After a long day, you are going to want to take a nap and not talk to anyone. After a long day, you may need to work out. Treat yoself by treating your body and getting your butt over the gym. It goes both ways though, and you know yourself best. If you've already gone to the gym or went the past three days or ate really healthy today, take that nap! Speaking of eating healthily, if you have been eating healthy and working out get that piece of cake! Likewise, if you've been eating junk food religiously, it's going to be better to treat yoself by getting an apple and laying out in the sun. And don't worry, we all have those cheat weeks where all we do is eat, sleep, and text. Just treat yoself the next week by getting yourself back out that door active and ready for life.

10. Learn to love yourself and remember who you are.
College goes by quickly and as I have already mentioned there's a ton going on around you 100% of the time. You're going to meet a lot of people, some you'll never see again (even though you're still friends on Facebook from that one night you walked to a party together) and some that will be lifelong friends. In it all, remember to just be yourself. Identity crises will arise every now and then when you feel like you don't know what you're doing. Trust yourself: you can do this. You always have and always will be able to do whatever you need to do. Don't compromise your values, obviously, but also remember to take a step back and reflect. You are the most important thing in your life, so don't forget to check in with yourself every now and then to make sure you're all good.

11. Be curious.
College has so much to offer. The town or city you will be in has so much to offer. The people around you have so much to offer. Take advantage of every little thing. Not interested in journalism? Are you sure? Have you tried it? No? Then take a class in it! Take a painting class or a ballet class or a kickboxing class or a weird philosophy class or a science class. Do things that surprise yourself. That is very important I think.

So there it is! I'm sure in the next year (even the next quarter) I will learn many new things and more posts will be written about the valuable lessons I have come to find. One of the best things about this blog is I am able to reflect; this is something I think is important to everyone though--blog or not. So read, explore, be curious, discover, and pursue your dreams!

Friday, March 25, 2016

College Spotlight: George Washington University

For our next College Spotlight we're looking at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
M: What is your name?
C: Caroline Clark

M: What school do you go to?
C: George Washington University

M: Where is located?
C: Foggy Bottom neighborhood in Washington, DC
M: What is your major(s)/minor(s)?
C: International Affairs with a tentative minor in economics

M: Why did you choose to go to George Washington University?
C: GWU's international affairs program is one of the best in the nation, not to mention its location in the capital makes it ideal for career opportunities and enables unique opportunities such as having renowned guest speakers and walks on the national mall.

M: What is your mascot?
C: The Colonials
M: Does your school care about sports?
C: It’s not a big part of the culture, but sport (particularly basketball) enthusiasts do just fine.

M: What else does your school care about?
C: Definitely internships. I know 7 people right now who hold internships in the district, working on Capitol Hill or for a local NGO. In the summer a large majority of GW students stay in town to intern locally. Also political awareness. You can’t find someone who doesn’t have an opinion about the 2016 election. Discussions of electoral politics and social justice issues can’t be avoided.

M: What isn't the best thing about your school or what would you change?
C: The freshman Mount Vernon campus is hugely inconvenient and just generally a bummer. It’s about a 10-minute commute from the main Foggy Bottom campus and if you live there, it’s safe to guess your life is miserable.

M: What would you definitely not change?
C: The students, the faculty and staff, the location, the academic programs, Greek life, club sports, the list goes on and on.

M: What is your favorite aspect of your school's campus?
C: It’s in the city which means you can get anything you could possibly want or need at any time of day.

M: What is your favorite aspect of your program/major?
C: It provides international affair students with so many opportunities. We have specially held events and regularly host distinguish guest speakers, as well as have specific academic and peer advisors. Just recently we had H. E. Frank-Walter Steinmeir, the German foreign minister and H. E. Catherine Samba-Panza, the transitional president of the Central African Republic speak at GW.

M: What is the best thing to do in your college's city/town?
The options in DC are endless. In the immediate area, you can walk the National Mall, go see a show at the Kennedy Center or walk down Embassy Row. There are incredible restaurants and places to eat all throughout the city as well as on Foggy Bottom. In terms of going out my friends and I love the Friday night drag show at Town, Ultra Bar, and Kabin lounge.
M: What is the best place to eat on campus and what do you like to eat there?
Beefsteak is José Andrés’ super delicious veggie-focused restaurant; Burger, Tap, and Shake has great burgers and Sweetgreen has really good salads. We don’t have a dining hall in the traditional sense, but there are countless dining opportunities on-campus that accept Gworld.

M: Do you go to the gym?
Not since my ankle injury.

M: What is your favorite class that you have taken so far?
Microeconomics with Professor Foster.
M: What is a class you really want to take?
History of FBI Counterintelligence and Introduction to Existentialism.

M: Where is your "spot" either on or off campus?
I spend a lot of time in Gelman Library and my room, but I don’t really have a “spot” on Foggy because I live on the Vern.

M: What is the party scene like?
There’s something for everyone. If you don’t go out, that’s fine, and if you go out 5 nights a week that’s also okay. Frats and some athletic teams/club teams host parties most weekend nights. I think the party scene is equal parts clubs, frats, and bars for most people.
M: What is your favorite memory at your school?
Sometime hanging out with my friends. They’re my home away from home.

M: What makes George Washington University unique?

The students and the opportunities. GW students tend to be thoughtful, ambitious, fun and considerate. I already touched on some of the opportunities GW provides the students but truly the options are endless.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Round 1: Part 1

My spring break is a week long like every other school in America. Unlike every other school in America, my current university is on the quarter system. Which means that the week before spring break is not midterm week but finals week, and if you don't have any finals you go home early. I had one final on Monday and I flew home that night. Thank. God. Hello two week spring break. Because I have two weeks off and knew that I would be sitting at home watching Netflix the entire time, I invited my friend Clarae to my hometown and to Southern California with me.
Stanford Shopping Center
We began our trip by getting breakfast at the Palo Alto Creamery in Downtown Palo Alto with my friend from theatre, Bethany (who will soon be showcased in College Spotlight!). All you need to know is I unknowingly spent $6.50 on orange juice and I'm still mad. After breakfast, we drove to my high school and walked around my former school's newly finished and updated campus. After our walk around my school, we went to Stanford Shopping Center and stopped by some stores that Clarae doesn't have her in hometown. We ended up getting lunch at The Melt and walking around a bit more. The next day we grabbed lunch with my high school friend Caroline (who already has been showcased in College Spotlight!) at Coupa Cafe in Downtown Palo Alto as well. After breakfast, we packed up our suitcases and threw them in the car to drive to Southern California. Before driving all the way down, we got lunch with Clarae's extended family at Veggie Grill, a new find for me!             
Post Veggie Grill, Pre-Disney
After Veggie Grill we drove down the I-5 to Newport Beach where we would be staying for the weekend. Before getting to our sleeping grounds we got dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney which was delicious as usual! We reached the house at about 1am and crashed right after that. We woke up bright and early to get ready for Disney. We met my friend who is a cast member at Disney who generously let us into the parks with one of her employee perks free of charge. Shoutout to Jasmine for being the literal hookup. Cast members are genuinely some of the kindest, most patient, and hardworking people I have ever come in contact with.
Middle of California, off the I-5
Meeting Chewie in the Star Wars Launch Bay
We had a wonderful first day in Disneyland full of fun and festivities, meeting lots of characters and riding lots of rides. We stayed in Disneyland park the entire first day. It was pretty busy considering many people were on spring break, but we managed to get our way around the park.
Lobster Nachos at Cove Bar in Disney's California Adventure
Our day two consisted of park hopping, but we started at California Adventure. We grabbed World of Color fast passes and hopped in the single riders line for Radiator Spring Racers before looking for food. If you haven't been or don't know: California Adventure has amazing food. We ate lunch at Cove Bar where we got some no-jitos and their delicious Lobster Nachos. Pro tip if you don't absolutely drop dead love spice: take the green jalapeños off. I really like jalapeños and peppercinis typically and Clarae doesn't so as she was removing them from our nachos I ate a whole one. It was the most intense spice I have ever put in my mouth and I would never ever want to relive that moment. Seriously. Take them off. Besides that 10/10 lobster nachos and no-jitos.
Meeting Cinderella in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland
No-Jitos at Cove Bar
One of the really cool things you can do in the parks right now due to Star Wars take over is meet some of the characters from the new Star Wars movie. When my mom and I went to Disney in December we met Chewbacca and Darth Vader. However, since the new movie has come out, they have replaced Darth Vader with Kylo Ren. Let me premise this by saying that I was absolutely terrified of meeting Darth Vader. He was taller than me (most people aren't) and had on a mask and was just generally very foreboding. So in going in to meet Kylo Ren, I figured I'd be fine since I'd already experienced the fear.
Meeting Kylo Ren at Star Wars Launch Bay
Wrong wrong wrong. While waiting outside the meet and greet room, a character attendant began talking to Clarae about being in the resistance as such. Clarae apparently was acting fishy because he told on us. We were instructed to go into the room after all character attendants has disappeared for a few minutes. People kept whispering things to Kylo and after he finished taking pictures with the party before us, he went out of our view in the area we were standing in the room. For those who haven't been, the Launch Bay meet and greets are closed off so only one or two parties are in the meet and greet room at one time. So Clarae and I were completely isolated when he decided to swoop around the corner of the room where we were standing and get in our faces. Oh. My. God. Genuinely the most terrifying moment of my life.
Meeting Snow White at Fantasy Faire in Disneyland
Our day after Disney consisted of going to Fashion Island shopping mall and looking at cute boutiques on Balboa Island. I introduced Clarae to the beauty of the Pressed Juicery. Our second day in SoCal without Disney and also the day we drove home, we took the ferry to the peninsula and walked around the beach and down the pier to a diner called Ruby's. It was very relaxing and nice to be in warm and sunny beach weather with everyone so happy playing around us in the sand.
On the Balboa Island Pier
The beach and warmth of the world really puts me at peace and it was a nice closing chapter to our week long spring break trip. The ocean was so beautiful and everyone around us was so joyful. We walked past a psychic and decided to get our palms read. We both have pretty optimistic futures it looks like, and she was quite good at reading our presents as well. Even if you don't believe in psychics, it was a fun little adventure for us. We rode the ferry back and packed up my car to prepare to drive home. Our seven hour drive went quickly and soon we were home in the Bay Area.
The Stanford Dish hike
Monday, the day Clarae left, we woke up and ate breakfast at home before driving to The Stanford Dish hike in Palo Alto/Woodside. After that we drove to Downtown Palo Alto and got salads and sandwiches at Sprout. We ended back up at my place where we watched The Little Mermaid 2 before driving to San Jose International airport to ship Clarae back home. Luckily, I will see her in less than a week to begin our school's spring term!

Our long week went by extremely quickly and I'm still confused because I feel like I should still be in Southern California. Happily however, I am in my own bed at home and am comforted by the familiar sounds that run through my house daily. I'm really glad to be around my family and my hometown that I love so much. Spring Break has made me grateful and reflective of a lot of things, and I am excited to update you all more on my reflections and other happenings the rest of this week.

I have also decided to try to stick to a consistent schedule of updating this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so you all know when to check back for new posts. I'm still fairly new to this whole blogging thing so we'll see how I keep up with that. However, that is my goal for now and I plan on sticking with it! Since this post went up on a Wednesday, be sure to look out for a new post this Friday!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trunk Club #1

If you have to know anything about me, know that I love singing. Secondly, know that I love clothes. Thirdly, know that I love makeup. I have been subscribed to the monthly subscription box "Ipsy" for a year now. I absolutely love it and look forward to receiving my shiny pink envelope each month. Though it is the only subscription box I am subscribed to, I am obsessed with discovering new ones. When I found out there are subscription boxes for clothes I almost lost it. I thought it was a brilliant idea, especially for people like me who don't necessarily have the time to always go out and look and buy for new garments. I was also shocked at the pricing for these clothing subscription boxes. For a box of clothes that you might not like, the money you would have to pay was simply not in my budget. Though I can do $10 for Ipsy and risk not liking a product, $100 seemed too much each month.

And then Trunk Club came along. Trunk Club is a website that caters to both men and women's clothing. No monthly fees, no shipping fees, and you get to choose whenever you want a new trunk. When you sign up, you take a short survey for the website to gather your information and are matched with a stylist. This stylist is a real person (I thought it was one of those ask the online robot questions things before my stylist responded. Eek.) who you are able to talk to about what you are looking for. This box around, I was interested in layering and some business casual clothes (not a businesswoman, just a sorority girl needing to look cute for Chapter). My stylist, Samantha, sent back over 20 pieces of clothing to which I narrowed down to 15 pieces that I liked for ease of shipping. About five days later I received my beautiful 20 pound trunk at my front door. Here's a sneak peak.
The box was packed in such a chic and simplistic way. I was so excited to try everything on. The box comes with your items and a packet that contains information about the items, a prepaid return label (the items you don't keep you simply send back in the same box) and two stickers to seal the box. Easy peasy. Below, I included the items I received, their brands and pricing, and what I thought of them.

Short Sleeve High/Low Hem Blouse from Vince Camuto: $79
Though I liked this shirt on the model and in the picture, it simply wasn't flattering for my body type and was super tight in the shoulders. For the price, it wasn't worth it.

Short Sleeve High/Low Hem Bloude from Vince Camuto in Coral: $79
The same complaint went for this shirt. It's exactly the same as the last just in a Coral/Pink color. One thing I really did like about this shirt was the fabric. It was soft, flowy, and nice to the touch.

Crepe Half Zip Point Collar Blouse from MICHAEL Michael Kors in White: $89.50
This shirt again is super cute on the model but something I simply couldn't rock. The zipper pendant was also a bit flashy for my taste. I like nice clothes and don't really need to show off a big MK on my zipper. I'm also extremely bad at knowing what to wear under even slightly sheer clothing. Again for the price, I couldn't justify buying this shirt.

Embroidered Lattice Top from Madewell: $88
Another! Shirt! That! Looks! Cute! On! The! Model! My friend commented when this shirt was still folded up that it was going to be super cute but we were disappointed when I tried it on. The shoulder slits were an odd placement and the sheerness threw me off again. The shirt was also very wide and billowy which can be nice, but didn't work well with this shirt in my opinion.
Belted Crepe Trench Coat from Chelsea28 in Tan: $148
Okay. I really liked this trench coat. I don't own a trench coat, this one is super soft and cozy and also stylish. I realized in my ambitious quest for layers and business clothes I don't actually need business clothes or large trench coats for that matter. Though $148 for a trench coat is a very nice price, I simply didn't need it. But oh I wish I did need it.

'Petty' Chelsea Bootie from Sam Edelman in Black: $134.95
I need booties and I loved this Sam Edelman pair. Unfortunately, though it was in my size, my foot wouldn't fit in the shoe!

'Barlow' Suede Bootie from Joie in Charcoal: $325
Again, I am on the hunt for booties. This pair of Joie booties fit my foot perfectly and are absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. Unfortunately, $325 shoes are not in my college student budget (or any budget of mine in the near future) so I had to send them back. Looking back, I should've just started a GoFundMe.

Reversible Faux Fur & Down Vest from Love Token: $149.90
This vest looks adorable on the model but I am one person who cannot rock fur. That, or I haven't tried on the right piece of faux fur. It was a very soft, chic, and cozy vest, but not quite my style.

'Sumter' Satin Crepe Jacket from cupcakes and cashmere: $140
I was really excited about this jacket's color. Unfortunately, it didn't fit me too well in the shoulders, and the sleeves were a bit tight on my long arms.

'Miranda' Stretch Ankle Pants from MICHAEL Michael Kors in Black: $69.50
The fabric of these pants are amazing and soft and perfect to make a casual outfit dressier and a dressier outfit more casual. In the end though, they didn't fit my waistline.

Denim & Knit Jacket from Free People: $73.98
This. This item is perfect. It is currently laying next to me. This denim and knit jacket is the only item I kept for many reasons. The $73.98 price tag is within my limited budget and it is totally and completely my style. It is extremely comfortable from the knit to the denim and the hood is perfect for Oregon rain. I like that it looks nice but is still a bit edgy. Not to mention a $73.98 price tag on anything from Free People is a literal miracle.

Faux Leather Jacket from Free People: $198
I really really wanted to get this jacket. I couldn't afford a $198 price tag plus my $73 denim jacket though.

Faux Leather Jacket from Free People in Ivory: $198
This jacket is the same as the previous, but in ivory. As I mentioned before, the price tag was a bit high for me. The shoulders were also a bit tight, and the sleeves a bit short. It could've been a style. But alas, I sent it back.

'Marilyn' Stretch Straight Leg Jeans from NYDJ in Black: $114
Lastly are these jeans from NYDJ. I'm not a huge fan of straight leg and as I mentioned with the trench coat even though I want business clothes, I don't need them right now, so why buy them? The jeans are cute, but didn't fit perfectly and aren't my style.

So there you have it! Trunk Club! I got to try on everything without paying a dime for anything but what I kept, which I think is absolutely revolutionary. I really wanted to buy more, but I've been saving up and quite a few things were very pricey. Overall, in the future when I order a trunk I will be sure to make sure I know what I want and what I need. I will also update some of my measurements, and my stylist will be able to curate more to my style now that she knows what I like and don't like (you leave feedback on the website once you get your trunk). I sent back my trunk yesterday, within the 10 day return time, and cannot wait to wear my denim everywhere I go and with anything I can pair it with. Thanks for reading! If you want to try out Trunk Club, use my link to sign up now!