Saturday, March 12, 2016

Je sono out of my mind

That title says I am out of my mind in three different languages. FYI. So I learned French in high school and I am currently in the process of learning Italian. High school French was kind of a mess as my friends Caroline and Gabrielle can attest to (I will be including some pictures of us during French class and you will understand).

What was going on here I could never tell you
My school went grades 6-12, with middle schoolers beginning language in seventh grade. That was great and all for them for them but for those of us who joined the school in high school, we fell quite behind. Our first year was fine, it wasn't the best, but it worked. My sophomore year however, we were in French 2 with freshman who had come from my school's middle school and had taken French 1 over the course of two years.

Crepes because French...duh.
Basically, they were way ahead of us and had a much more solid foundation than we did. It really all went down the drain there and we never caught up with them. Caroline and Gabrielle were pretty good but we all had to work so hard and we ended up not understanding a lot.

Why is there a baby in class? Who knows?

So I learned no French, and I remember very little. The problem is I have realized I want to learn every language. Like if at all possible every language but I will settle for six or seven languages. So here I am learning Italian which is going much better than French. I have realized despite my yearning to learn six or seven languages I am not the best at languages. On my to do list of languages are: Spanish, French, Italian, ASL, Arabic, Mandarin, German, and really any other language I can think of. Russian would be great to learn but I'm not sure if I'm that ambitious yet. We'll see.

Here we see Gabrielle slowly losing her mind in French.
I've been using Duolingo for some time, primarily to help with my Italian learning, and I am currently looking for an online ASL course to get that ball rolling since it probably won't mess with any other language learning, but I haven't been able to find much yet. Luckily, I am going to Italy this summer to (hopefully) master Italian or at least get super close to mastering Italian. I don't really know how I am going to accomplish any of these language goals since they're way past ambitious, but uh. Yeah. I thought I'd make this post just updating you all on my life goals so you can slowly see me crumble into oblivion when I realize that having upwards of five languages in your brain is crazy.

And despite my lack of French knowledge, thanks to Gabrielle and Caroline for at least making it entertaining. (And thanks to the underclassmen who literally thought we were completely stupid).

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