Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break Round 1: Part 2

I'm writing this as my Spring Break is coming to a close (though this will not be posted until Wednesday). I am also writing this as I shove copious amounts of chocolate into my mouth. So much for SoulCycle and eating healthy? Just for today, okay?
I had a lovely Tuesday and Wednesday of my week doing absolutely nothing. I think I stayed in my pajamas literally the entire day. I caught up on a bunch of TVs shows, slept, and relaxed. Compared to cold, rainy days at college in Oregon, the California weather was a welcome change. I definitely took advantage of the sun and the warmth.
Thursday, my mom and I took our first ever trip to SoulCycle in Palo Alto. It was definitely a great workout and we ended up going back again on Saturday evening for a Beyoncé themed ride (at least musically). I also saw my friend, Blake, after our ride on Thursday. We met up for lunch at a Starbucks (though I impulse ordered a burrito from the Mexican restaurant next door) and talked for a little over an hour and a half. I hadn't seen him since the summer and hadn't really been able to catch up or talk in much longer than that. Blake is a junior in high school right now, we met doing theatre, so it was great to hear about his shows that he's been doing and how school has been going. That night, my family and I went out for a nice dinner while I was still at home. I got French Onion Soup, which is my absolute favorite.
The next day, I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood before meeting up with my other friend, Dani. Dani is also a junior in high school who I met through theatre, and hearing about where she wants to go to college and what she wants to do with her life and how high school is going was all very fun. We ended up getting some lunch at Coupa Cafe and also going a tech+art gallery called Pace, that had teamed up with a tech company to provide interactive and futuristic exhibits. We'd heard of it since so many people had been taking pictures in a room called the Crystal Room. In the Crystal Room, strands of medium light bulbs are hung from floor to ceiling. There's really no way to accurately describe it without going into the room yourself (if you live in the Bay Area, it's here until July 1st). It's really magical and peaceful and dazzling all at once. I included some pictures above and below to try to give you a feel of what it was like. The exhibit had other cool rooms with other various light structures, and even a room where you could color pictures with oil pastels and then scan them into a scene that was projected onto the wall.
On Saturday, I took advantage of relaxing again (besides that Beyoncé SoulCycle class I mentioned before). I read books a little bit, wrote a little bit, online window shopped, and laid outside in the sun. Sunday, being Easter, my family and I went out to the coast to have Easter brunch. It's a tradition that I didn't want to miss which is why I went back to school a day late. It was worth it for the endless hallways of buffet brunch and the petting zoo! Pictures below for that as well. There were bunnies, goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens, and even an alpaca. Though it was foggy out on the coast, back at home it was sunny which was nice before flying back to cold Oregon.
All in all, this unintentional two-week Spring Break was very nice and very much needed. Now though, I am back at school and ready to kill this quarter. It is my last quarter at University of Oregon and I want to make the most of it. In the fall, I will be heading off as a sophomore to Chapman University! So many new changes to come...

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