Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trunk Club #1

If you have to know anything about me, know that I love singing. Secondly, know that I love clothes. Thirdly, know that I love makeup. I have been subscribed to the monthly subscription box "Ipsy" for a year now. I absolutely love it and look forward to receiving my shiny pink envelope each month. Though it is the only subscription box I am subscribed to, I am obsessed with discovering new ones. When I found out there are subscription boxes for clothes I almost lost it. I thought it was a brilliant idea, especially for people like me who don't necessarily have the time to always go out and look and buy for new garments. I was also shocked at the pricing for these clothing subscription boxes. For a box of clothes that you might not like, the money you would have to pay was simply not in my budget. Though I can do $10 for Ipsy and risk not liking a product, $100 seemed too much each month.

And then Trunk Club came along. Trunk Club is a website that caters to both men and women's clothing. No monthly fees, no shipping fees, and you get to choose whenever you want a new trunk. When you sign up, you take a short survey for the website to gather your information and are matched with a stylist. This stylist is a real person (I thought it was one of those ask the online robot questions things before my stylist responded. Eek.) who you are able to talk to about what you are looking for. This box around, I was interested in layering and some business casual clothes (not a businesswoman, just a sorority girl needing to look cute for Chapter). My stylist, Samantha, sent back over 20 pieces of clothing to which I narrowed down to 15 pieces that I liked for ease of shipping. About five days later I received my beautiful 20 pound trunk at my front door. Here's a sneak peak.
The box was packed in such a chic and simplistic way. I was so excited to try everything on. The box comes with your items and a packet that contains information about the items, a prepaid return label (the items you don't keep you simply send back in the same box) and two stickers to seal the box. Easy peasy. Below, I included the items I received, their brands and pricing, and what I thought of them.

Short Sleeve High/Low Hem Blouse from Vince Camuto: $79
Though I liked this shirt on the model and in the picture, it simply wasn't flattering for my body type and was super tight in the shoulders. For the price, it wasn't worth it.

Short Sleeve High/Low Hem Bloude from Vince Camuto in Coral: $79
The same complaint went for this shirt. It's exactly the same as the last just in a Coral/Pink color. One thing I really did like about this shirt was the fabric. It was soft, flowy, and nice to the touch.

Crepe Half Zip Point Collar Blouse from MICHAEL Michael Kors in White: $89.50
This shirt again is super cute on the model but something I simply couldn't rock. The zipper pendant was also a bit flashy for my taste. I like nice clothes and don't really need to show off a big MK on my zipper. I'm also extremely bad at knowing what to wear under even slightly sheer clothing. Again for the price, I couldn't justify buying this shirt.

Embroidered Lattice Top from Madewell: $88
Another! Shirt! That! Looks! Cute! On! The! Model! My friend commented when this shirt was still folded up that it was going to be super cute but we were disappointed when I tried it on. The shoulder slits were an odd placement and the sheerness threw me off again. The shirt was also very wide and billowy which can be nice, but didn't work well with this shirt in my opinion.
Belted Crepe Trench Coat from Chelsea28 in Tan: $148
Okay. I really liked this trench coat. I don't own a trench coat, this one is super soft and cozy and also stylish. I realized in my ambitious quest for layers and business clothes I don't actually need business clothes or large trench coats for that matter. Though $148 for a trench coat is a very nice price, I simply didn't need it. But oh I wish I did need it.

'Petty' Chelsea Bootie from Sam Edelman in Black: $134.95
I need booties and I loved this Sam Edelman pair. Unfortunately, though it was in my size, my foot wouldn't fit in the shoe!

'Barlow' Suede Bootie from Joie in Charcoal: $325
Again, I am on the hunt for booties. This pair of Joie booties fit my foot perfectly and are absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. Unfortunately, $325 shoes are not in my college student budget (or any budget of mine in the near future) so I had to send them back. Looking back, I should've just started a GoFundMe.

Reversible Faux Fur & Down Vest from Love Token: $149.90
This vest looks adorable on the model but I am one person who cannot rock fur. That, or I haven't tried on the right piece of faux fur. It was a very soft, chic, and cozy vest, but not quite my style.

'Sumter' Satin Crepe Jacket from cupcakes and cashmere: $140
I was really excited about this jacket's color. Unfortunately, it didn't fit me too well in the shoulders, and the sleeves were a bit tight on my long arms.

'Miranda' Stretch Ankle Pants from MICHAEL Michael Kors in Black: $69.50
The fabric of these pants are amazing and soft and perfect to make a casual outfit dressier and a dressier outfit more casual. In the end though, they didn't fit my waistline.

Denim & Knit Jacket from Free People: $73.98
This. This item is perfect. It is currently laying next to me. This denim and knit jacket is the only item I kept for many reasons. The $73.98 price tag is within my limited budget and it is totally and completely my style. It is extremely comfortable from the knit to the denim and the hood is perfect for Oregon rain. I like that it looks nice but is still a bit edgy. Not to mention a $73.98 price tag on anything from Free People is a literal miracle.

Faux Leather Jacket from Free People: $198
I really really wanted to get this jacket. I couldn't afford a $198 price tag plus my $73 denim jacket though.

Faux Leather Jacket from Free People in Ivory: $198
This jacket is the same as the previous, but in ivory. As I mentioned before, the price tag was a bit high for me. The shoulders were also a bit tight, and the sleeves a bit short. It could've been a style. But alas, I sent it back.

'Marilyn' Stretch Straight Leg Jeans from NYDJ in Black: $114
Lastly are these jeans from NYDJ. I'm not a huge fan of straight leg and as I mentioned with the trench coat even though I want business clothes, I don't need them right now, so why buy them? The jeans are cute, but didn't fit perfectly and aren't my style.

So there you have it! Trunk Club! I got to try on everything without paying a dime for anything but what I kept, which I think is absolutely revolutionary. I really wanted to buy more, but I've been saving up and quite a few things were very pricey. Overall, in the future when I order a trunk I will be sure to make sure I know what I want and what I need. I will also update some of my measurements, and my stylist will be able to curate more to my style now that she knows what I like and don't like (you leave feedback on the website once you get your trunk). I sent back my trunk yesterday, within the 10 day return time, and cannot wait to wear my denim everywhere I go and with anything I can pair it with. Thanks for reading! If you want to try out Trunk Club, use my link to sign up now!


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