Friday, April 1, 2016

College Spotlight: University of North Dakota

Back again with the college spotlight. This time around we have Bethany at University of North Dakota. Yay for the midwest!

M: What is your name?
B: Bethany Springs

M: What school do you go to?
B: University of North Dakota
M: Where is located?
B: Grand Forks, North Dakota

M: What is your major(s)/minor(s)?
B: BFA in Musical Theatre
M: Why did you choose to go to University of North Dakota?
B: I chose UND for the small theater program because I felt I needed the one on one help in order to grow.

M: What is your mascot?
B: Fighting Hawks!
M: Does your school care about sports?
B: Yes, especially hockey.

M: What else does your school care about?
B: Greek Life
M: What isn't the best thing about your school or what would you change?
B: More attention to the arts programs.

M: What would you definitely not change?
B: The amazing theater opportunities and performance opportunities.
M: What is your favorite aspect of your school's campus?
B: The brick buildings.

M: What is your favorite aspect of your program/major?
B: How willing the professors are to help you grow in your profession and also as a person.
M: What is the best thing to do in your college's city/town?
B: They have these super cute protein shake cafe type things all over town and I am truly addicted now. It's my favorite place to go with a friend.

M: What is the best place to eat on campus and what do you like to eat there?
B: We don't really have restaurants on campus besides the dining center. But sometimes the dining center has amazing sweet potato fries!
M: Do you go to the gym?
B: I do go to the gym!

MWhat is your favorite class that you have taken so far?
B: Music theory. It was hard and terrible, but the Professor made it so much fun.
M: What is a class you really want to take?
B: Tap Dance and Musical Theater Acting

M: Where is your "spot" either on or off campus?
B: My spot on campus is the on campus coffeehouse called Archives. It's totally got the "friends" feel that I am in love with.
M: What is the party scene like?
B: Not sure if we still are, but we used to be the #1 binge drinking school in America. You tell me what you think the party scene is like ;)

M: What is your favorite memory at your school?
B: I'm still waiting on my favorite memory.
M: What makes University of North Dakota unique?
B: Something that makes UND unique would probably have to be all of the pride and interesting cheers at hockey games.

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