Monday, April 25, 2016

My Drugstore Makeup Loves

As promised, here are my favorite products and tools from any drugstore (for my specifically, Target). All of these products are going to be much cheaper than what you find in a Sephora or a department store and are still going to provide results that work. Be sure to always read reviews before you purchase anything though! Just the same as with some high end brands, some drugstore brands are going to do you wrong. To help start you off though, here are my go tos!

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara: $5.99
I have been using this mascara probably since before any other makeup product. I saw the intense Maybelline mascara commercials and had to get one, especially since everyone tells you that mascara is where you should start with makeup. Maybelline has a whole line of these "Volum' Express" mascaras, and honestly, everyone's opinion differs from style to style. I personally have no problem with any of them, but find your type and you're golden! I personally think this one works better or equal to Benefit's cult classic "They're Real" mascara (which retails at upwards up twenty bucks. No thanks) I also have to throw in a recommendation for Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara which is $4.49. My mom has been using this mascara her whole life and I love it too, but I gotta stay loyal to my Rocket mascara.

Neutrogena Shine Control Powder: $12.19
I have to admit that this powder is very much so on the pricier side of compact drugstore powders, but I swear by it. I used to have super oily skin and this powder is amazing for mattifying for long days and the results appear immediately. I still use it today for setting and mattifying.

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Line: $7.99
Some people say that they can't leave the house without mascara, for me though, my must wear product is eyeliner. I'm a huge liquid eyeliner fan but when I'm in the mood for a smokey eye or just a more subtle, messy, pencil eyeliner look, I grab this one. I'm pretty sure these each come with their own pencil sharpeners which is is super helpful. These eyeliners stay on all day and won't smudge once you've decided where you want it for the day. They're easy to apply and look great on anyone!

L'Oréal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner: $7.99
I basically refuse to use any other kind of liquid eyeliner. I've tried markers and other felt tips, brushes, paint pots, everything. I keep coming back to my drugstore favorite. It going on so easily and is so easy to touch up if you need to but then stays on throughout the day (unless you're guilty of rubbing your eyes all day like I do). I genuinely cannot express how much I love this product. I wear it every single day.

Maybelline FIT ME! Matte + Poreless Foundation: $5.99
My only gripe about this product is that the top doesn't have a pump so I waste a lot of product. But again, I never use any foundation besides this one. I should probably invest in some higher quality foundation for nicer events, but until then FIT ME! will do. Maybelline used to only have one formula for their FIT ME! Foundation and I always felt like I looked a bit shiny, but then they came out with a Dewy and Smooth formula and a Matte and Poreless formula. I honestly want to go back and try Dewy and Smooth after all these months of using Matte and Poreless, but I just love this formula so much. It's a medium to lower coverage foundation, so don't expect miracles out of it. But for $5 a pop, it's great! Pro tip: If you think you're my shade (pale as hell) you're number 110. It's the lightest shade. You're welcome.

Maybelline FIT ME! Concealer: $4.39
I have to admit that I have moved on to pricier concealers, but sometimes I wonder why! Though I now use a $30 Laura Mercier solid concealer and a $15 Sephora brand liquid concealer, I don't think I'd have a problem with chucking those and going back to my original FIT ME! Concealer (though I have to admit the Laura Mercier concealer is pretty amazing). Just like the foundation, this concealer is cheap and does the job well with a doe foot applicator.

Up and Up Latex Free Foam Cosmetic Wedges: $1.74
And now to apply that foundation, I use Target brand foam wedges. I invested in a $20 beauty blender once and hated it. It grew mold. I really don't want to talk about it. Anyways, those $20 beauty blenders will last you probably longer than a foam wedge will, but you get thirty two wedges for less than two dollars. A pack of these lasts me months and work totally fine. No beauty blender necessary!

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes: $4.99
I think the commercials for these (you know the ones with Kerry Washington?) say that these makeup wipes remove 99% of your makeup with just one wipe, and although I do think that that is a blatant lie, I also do think that these are amazing. I buy them in bulk they're so great. I use these to take off my makeup every single night before washing my face and they are truly amazing at getting off waterproof and stubborn makeup. Highly recommend, and as I said before they come in packets of 21 but bulk packs of like 10 packets. Perfect.

There you have it! My drugstore favorites. Let me know if you like any of these products and what drugstore products you use in the comments!


  1. I swear by that mascara and foundation! I've yet to try the fitMe concealer, but that's on my list of what to buy next! Also, elf has some amazing blushes that honestly I can't live without. They're only $3 and such a steal!

    1. I need to try elf! I've been dragging my feet on that but they seem to have so much cute stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've heard so many great things about the FIT Me! products, I need to try them out and see for myself! I've also been looking for a liquid liner, so I'll make sure to check that L'Oreal one out!

    Amelie | A Wanderer's Adventures

    1. I swear by the the liquid liner mentioned here so I hope you like it!! The Fit Me products are great as well! Thanks for reading :)