Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Oregon Bucket List

For those of you who know me already, my time at my current school, University of Oregon will be ending this June and a new chapter at Chapman University will begin in the Fall. Because of the short amount of time I have left in Oregon and the lack of exploring I have done in the state, I have decided to create a state bucket list! I plan on completing this within the next nine weeks before I leave, so I better start planning. I thought I'd share the few items I have so far with all of you and hopefully get some more suggestions as I go on these adventures!

I have been living in Oregon for seven months now and have still not made the two hours trek from Eugene to Oregon's largest city. I could probably create an entire bucket list just based off of what I want to do in Portland. The biggest things on my list include many bakeries, coffee houses, and restaurants which I'm super excited for.

The Oregon Coast
I absolutely love the beach and my boyfriend, Brandon, keeps teasing me about how I haven't forced us out to the coast yet. I will seriously beach in any kind of weather so fog or sunshine, I am excited to explore the many coastal towns in Oregon. From Florence to Newport (Oregon...not Italy or Rhode Island), I want to see it all!

Wildlife Safari
A safari in Oregon! Located about an hour south of me in Winston, Oregon. I honestly hadn't heard of this place until recently, but it looks and sounds amazing! I love zoos, but I figure I can go to a zoo anywhere I am in America. Wildlife Safari takes visitors beyond the traditional "zoo" experience. An hour and a half, 600 acre, drive through zoo, Wildlife Safari hosts animals from lions to zebras to elephants and elk, I am definitely excited to go to this one!

The one time I went to Bend, Oregon was when I was super young on a family reunion. I remember it being really fun and I want to go again before I leave! There's a cool company called Wanderlust Tours that does night hikes and snow shoeing and canoeing in Bend that I have wanted to try out for months now! They're a bit pricey but I've been trying to save up so I can canoe on Cascade Lakes under the stars.

Ashland Theatre
If you know me, you know that I love theatre. Being a theatre major, I feel like it's obligatory to see a show in the hometown of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I drove through Ashland and had a quick lunch break with my family when I was at orientation for UO over the summer, but didn't have the chance to look around and I would still love to do that!

Crater Lake
I have never been to Crater Lake, though Brandon has and he loves it so much that he got a Crater Lake Oregon license plate. He's been wanting to go since he moved up here and I have too! Every single picture I see of it looks gorgeous and a sunset over the lake is just what I need to relax from my studies.

Again, if you know anything about me, you know that I hate hiking. Like seriously. I am so lazy. That being said, I can appreciate the beauty and do love getting out into the outdoors sometimes. I just have to be in the mood for it. There are tons of amazing hikes around my school as well as throughout the state that I'm aching to try!

Blue Pools
Speaking of hikes, I was informed of the Blue Pools earlier this week by my friend, Erika. Though she said it was about a four to five hour hike, seeing the beautiful pictures of these deep blue pools in the forest seem totally worth it. As long as I don't get lost!

Okay this one might sound weird, but I seriously used to go to Coldstone Creamery way too much when I was still in the Bay Area. Crazy enough though, Eugene doesn't have a Coldstone. The closest Coldstone is an hour away in Corvallis, Oregon (home to Oregon State University) and I am determined to make that trek for creamy ice cream goodness.

I am still relatively new to Oregon so if you're an experienced and cultured Oregonian, be sure to comment your favorite places to go in Oregon and anything else I should had to my before I leave bucket list! Don't worry though, I won't be gone forever. I'll be sure to visit the beautiful state and all the wonderful friends I have made this past year!


  1. Portland Bucket List:

    Voodoo Donuts
    Blue Star Donuts
    Salt and Straw Ice Cream
    Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe
    Powell’s Book Store
    The Portland Zoo
    Vietnam Memorial
    The Rose Garden
    Portland Japanese Garden
    Portland Chinese Garden
    Pittock Mansion
    The Saturday/Sunday Market
    Insomnia Coffee Company (actually in Beaverton)
    Food Trucks