Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Style

Spring has sprung in the most glorious of ways with the sun shining and the flowers blooming! Though the weather has been a bit fickle here in Oregon, it's been mostly sunny and warm which is 100% what I need in my life. I thought I'd put together some clothing sets for your Spring style inspiration!

This first set is a nice casual look for a warm day with a little bit of bling thrown in. The shirt is a flowy and floral tank from which you can find here.

If you're looking for some cute new high waisted shorts look no further than Harrods right here. They're a bit pricier, so if you already have some cute jean shorts I would stick with those.

The exact sandals in this picture are from Jimmy Choo right here, but I would highly suggest just picking up those $10 cheap-y sandals from Forever 21 or Target.

The Tory Burch crossover bag is found here but again, an easy dupe for a Tory Burch crossover is any crossover you can find in Target. I have a cute black one from Nordstrom for only $20!

The thing I love most in this outfit is the super cute droplet earrings! Thankfully these earrings from are on sale! Find those right here. Super cute!

This next outfit is a bit dressier and was definitely inspired by Easter. Now that Easter is past though, you can wear the cute Lipsy London dress here to a nice brunch with your friends.

The Macy's wedges found here come in multiple patterns and colors, but I was really digging the nude blush color for Springtime!

As we all know, Kate Spade is my favorite, so I couldn't resist throwing in a cute Kate Spade crossover bag found here. It comes in four different colors, with a color that matches the shoes a bit more than shown in this picture.

I am also a huge fan of J. Crew, and their jewelry is really full of statement pieces that will last a lifetime. This bractelet was the crown jewel on pulling this simple yet cute outfit together!

So there you have it, just a bit of Spring style inspiration as this wonderful season moves along. Look out for more style and makeup posts coming soon!

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