Friday, May 27, 2016

101 in 1001

Long term goals have always been difficult for me to make so I thought this would be a fun challenge when I saw it on Five Foot and Fabulous. This was also a bit challenging because it isn't a life bucket list, it has to be in the next 1001 days! So I couldn't put down "visit every Disney park" like I really wanted to, I had to be a bit more realistic. I plan on doing my monthly goal posts still but for the next 1001 days, here are my 101 goals!

Start Date: Friday, May 27th, 2016
End Date: Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Blogging (1-10)
1. Reach 10,000 page views a month
2. Gain more friends within the blogging community
3. Work with a large name-brand sponsor
4. Be actively working with over ten sponsors
5. Go to a blogger meetup
6. Reach 5,000 Twitter followers
7. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers
8. Write code for my blog
9. Start a YouTube channel
10. Collaborate with other bloggers/Be a guest blogger

Travel (11-20)
11. Go to Spain
12. Go to Greece
13. Take a real road trip
14. Go camping
15. Visit five more states
16. Go to a fashion week event
17. Take Brandon to Disneyland
18. Go to each continent
19. Visit to midwest and the south since I've never been to either of those regions (unless Florida and Disney World count)
20. Return to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, London, or Paris

School/Career (21-30)
21. Land an internship
22. Land an actual job
23. Get straight A's
24. Go to office hours for each class at least once a week for at least one semester
25. Ace all of my finals
26. Work at Disneyland
27. Earn an income from blogging
28. Work with Make a Wish
29. Study consistently for at least one semester
30. Take a class I don't know anything about

Adulting (31-40)
31. Pay my own bills
32. Rent my own apartment
33. Cook dinner for friends and family
34. Have at least $1000 in savings
35. Host a dinner/wine night
36. Drink enough water for once in my life
37. Meal prep for at least a month
38. Have a spontaneous daily routine
39. Donate to charities every paycheck
40. Keep a consistent planner

Family and Friends (41-50)
41. Travel with my mom
42. Go to Spring Training with my dad
43. Go to an away game with my dad
44. Watch my brothers graduate middle school and high school
45. Travel with friends
46. Have an apartment with friends
47. Call parents once a week
48. Call my grandparents during big events
49. See my grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins more
50. Go to see my cousins shows/games/work/etc.

Fitness, Health, Style (51-60)
51. Get a massage twice a year
52. Do a push up
53. Eat clean for a week straight
54. Get toned
55. Be able to buy new clothes each month
56. Be happy with my body
57. Go to SoulCycle with my mom when I'm home
58. Go hiking with friends
59. Do yoga at least once a week
60. Expand makeup collection

Food (61-70)
61. Bake ten recipes from Pinterest
62. Be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner
63. Bake some pies
64. Watch Food Network
65. Eat at a traditional Italian restaurant (is this cheating because I'm studying abroad in Italy for two months?)
66. Have a sushirito (even though they look gross, sorry)
67. Take cooking lessons
68. Eat vegetarian for a week
69. Eat vegan for a week
70. Do a juice cleanse

Entertainment (71-80)
71. Work a concert or event
72. Go to Outside Lands
73. Go to Coachella
74. Go to the SHN season each year
75. Go to local theatre shows
76. See my youth theatre and high school shows
77. Be in at least two shows a year
78. Create an album
79. Go to another Shoreline concert
80. Work in a studio

Skills (81-90)
81. Get trained in CPR
82. Become a camp counsellor
83. Be able to sing a high E flat
84. Be able to do a headstand
85. Figure out what the heck my lowest note is
86. Graduate college in 2019
87. Become fluent in one language
88. Learn how to produce music
89. Re-learn how to code
90. Understand fashion and makeup

Personal (90-101)
90. Continue writing yearly letters to self
91. Learn more languages!
92. Do one random act of kindness each day
93. Be positive every day
94. Complain less
95. Bake more
96. Explore in your free time
97. Take risks
98. Stay out late and have one of those deep talks like in the movies
99. Make new friends
100. Finish the Game of Thrones series
101. Go without my phone for a day

This was a super hard list to make and I'm sure I won't be able to complete all of these but I have hope that I will complete most of them!

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