Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Favorite Lifestyle Apps

If you've seen my phone, you'll know that it's full of folders crammed with apps. Apps for music, videos, games, academics, health, travel, and more. I even have a folder dedicated to apps for Instagram. I'm a huge advocate of the technological progress that the world has achieved in the last two decades and think it's all really amazing! Because of this, I'm going to share with you just a few apps that make my world go round! (Okay maybe now literally, but they certainly help!) These are my favorite lifestyle apps! They aren't social media apps or games, simply apps that make my life easier.

If you go to Starbucks even once a week and you don't have this app you are seriously missing out. You can conveniently import any Starbucks gift cards into the app and hook up your credit card to instantly reload money onto the cards so you're ready to pay the second you get to the cashier at Starbucks. There's a ton of great rewards for members including free food and drink and promos all the time.

I absolutely need to meditate or I go crazy. This is the best meditation app I have found thus far and I've tried a lot of meditation apps. There are some in-app purchases but they're completely optional and there's tons of content without having to pay for anything. You put in the feelings your feeling at the moment and the app finds the best meditations for your current mood.

Wells Fargo
And/or any banking app. If you're not on the online/mobile banking hype I don't know what you're doing. You must be really organized because I could not keep track of paper bank statements and credit card statements for my life. Everything is done online automatically or manually (automatically is super useful though, never miss a payment!) and most importantly instantly! You can check at any moment how much money you have in your accounts. Getting your life together starts here.

I do not mean Spotify without premium. Spotify app without premium is pointless. Spotify premium is one of the best investments I've ever made. It's only $10 a month or $5 for students and you can listen to any song ever (except Taylor Swift but like I guess that's her problem right?). I used to spend a ton of money on iTunes and eventually end up with a backlog of songs I needed to buy when I was broke. It was so inconvenient and honestly I know they have Apple Music now, but my music app on my iPhone confuses me to no end and if for whatever reason I decide I don't want an iPhone, I can't use Apple Music at all. Plus, no student discount! Spotify is so easy to transfer from device to device I'd never switch to anything else!

OKAY so I was recently informed that not everywhere has this particular service but go check out the app and see if your area does. DoorDash is an app that has restaurants in your area on it, you order off the app, and someone delivers it to you. Instant takeout from anywhere you want without having to move at all!

Uber or Lyft
This needs no explanation. If you don't have one of these apps at this point, you're asking to get abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Cabs? Mhm, when was the last time one of those showed up on time? Can you track your cab? Can you rate your driver? Do they hand you the aux cord? No.

I totally get why some people don't have Venmo and I'm sure one of these days all of my information is going to get stolen and it's going to be a disaster but until then I will remain faithful. For college students who are constantly going out with friends and sharing bills and checks, Venmo is great for paying friends back instantly or getting paid back instantly! I never carry cash around anymore and never have to remember to pay people back!

Companion is great for people who are out and about alone. Basically, you type in the address of your destination and then choose at least one companion who will receive a text that links them to a map of your exact location. You have the option to call 911 or say you're nervous, so your companion knows what's up all the time. This is especially great for those of us who are notorious for getting separated from groups at parties. Never be alone again when you have Companion!

If you are taking language classes you need this app! It's 100% free (no ads either!) and helps a ton with vocab. No, it's not the best if you're trying to become fluent in a language and have no outside help besides this app, but if you're taking classes or living in a foreign country and trying to pick up the culture and language quicker, Duolingo has your back. My foreign language classes never do quite enough memorization for vocab and I always use this to help before tests!

Plant Nanny
Plant Nanny is an app that my mom and I found right before our trip to Disneyland and it saved us. You adopt a cute little plant that you water whenever you drink a glass of water. It's an easy and super fun way of keeping track of how much water you drink and making sure you're getting enough!

So there you have it! I started this post off with just doing all of my favorite apps and it quickly became too many! So there will certainly be some follow up posts to this one, but I hope you check these out and let me know which ones you like! What are your favorite lifestyle apps?

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