Monday, June 13, 2016

The Tony's 2016: A Recap

If you are not a huge musical nerd like I am, you might not know that the 70th Tony Awards were last night. Don't worry though! I am here to fill you in on my thoughts on all the performances of the night!

I really liked the intro! I'm a huge fan of James Corden so I was expecting to like it and I did! The intro didn't really feel like an intro (but I'm also very used to NPH's intros) but it was still good! The ensemble was really on point and there were some great little jokes in there. It kicked off the show with some high energy which was really fun! The transitions between the songs/between the kids to adults were also very clever.

School of Rock
I've seen the School of Rock movie (years and years ago) and I had listened to some of the music from the musical that hadn't really thrilled me. Not that it's not good music, just not anything that I would put in a playlist. I really enjoyed watching the performance though! It was very high energy, the lead guy was very talented as were all the kids, and they put on a super energetic performance. The jump at the end really amazed me because I would've broken everything and he does it eight times a week.

"Shuffle Along"
I just love Audra McDonald so much. That is all. I didn't know she could dance and I was impressed. Honestly though I didn't know much about this show besides the fact that Savion Glover was a part of it. This performance was a tap dancing sensational production of smiles and fun and energy and some amazing dancers giving their all and it was really really fun to watch. I didn't know Audra or Billy Porter were in this show so I was happily surprised. The ensemble were really great at doing what they do.

She Loves Me 
I REALLY LOVE ZACHARY LEVI. I really love him and I know being part of this show and being nominated for a Tony means so much to him and I'm just so proud of him. Also Laura Benanti has a lovely voice. This performance was very classic and nice to watch! Tons of talented and honored performers who kill it every time.

Fiddler on the Roof
The Peter Pan fiddler really made me laugh at the start of this performance. I really liked that they didn't just do "To Life" because I feel like that's always the go to for this show and the rest of the show is really so superb and beautiful. The dancing done by the wedding ensemble was insane. It was so good. Tevye popped up out of nowhere and made me smile because Tevye always makes me smile he so full of love and life and joy. Great performance. 10/10. Will always root for Fiddler.

Bright Star
Okay I'm going to be real I knew nothing about this musical before and now I want to know everything about it. I was thoroughly blown away by the talent exemplified and everything else that came along with it including the sets, costumes, and lighting. They sang "If You Knew My Story" and I highly recommend going to check it out. I really loved the music and am now going to go obsess about it for a while bye thank you for listening.

The Color Purple
I've never seen this musical and now I really wish I would've seen it already. I'm really happy this Tony's show is introducing me to so many new shows. The harmonies and vocals were so impressive and wholesome in this performance. It was getting to the point in the telecast where you were hoping they would wrap it up soon (to be fair I was tired so maybe it was just me) and this performance just shoved a lot of energy and inspiration in my face and I woke back up. The costumes also stood out to me as really beautiful.

On Your Feet
I was confused as to why they were using hand held microphones but like the dancing was really good and the costumes were very eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. I don't think it was my favorite performance but they definitely put on a phenomenal show. It just felt more like a Vegas show than a Broadway musical.

Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening is such a wonderful show to begin with and I hadn't actually gotten a chance to see a performance of Deaf West's revival of it so I was so happy that they got the chance to perform at the Tony's! ASL has always really fascinated me and I've wanted to learn it for years so this performance obviously intrigued me. The vocals weren't as strong as the original production but their production as a whole is very strong and I loved being able to see them perform!

I really like the songs from Waitress and the story that goes along with it! Jessie Mueller is such a talented singer and actress and she blows me away every single time. I felt like how they staged this performance though was kinda eh? They started off with an upbeat opening number that they cut down to a short half a minute and then transitioned to Sara Bareilles singing the power ballad of the show and then transitioned to Jessie singing that same song and it was just very jolty. Still impressed with the show as a whole though.

This performance did a really wonderful job of showcasing a ton of the leads as well as the ensemble. The choreography was really fun to watch as it hadn't been showcased too much in other Hamilton performances. The musket-less performance was a nice gesture to the Orlando and LGBT+ community, of course as well as the rest of those who have been affected by gun violence. I also liked their song choice! The medley-esque song that showcased "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" was very strong and overall a great performance!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of last night! I enjoyed watching and reviewing all the performances and can't wait for another amazing show next year.

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