Monday, August 22, 2016

Apartment Wants

I have to be honest, lately I've been a bit uninspired with the posts I've been writing. I've still been enjoying blogging but I've just hit a writers block. Even when I come up with ideas for posts I always get stuck actually starting and finishing them. I thought I could write another Italy post but honestly, I feel like I would just be repeating myself. On the other hand, however, I am super exciting to be moving into my first apartment. The problem with posting about that being that I am a week away from moving in still, and I can't film or take pictures of anything first hand.

So I thought I'd go a bit simple today! Since we all know I love hauls (and here and here) I've scoured the internet from HobbyLobby to Target and everything in between and here are the top items that I want to pick up when I get home for my apartment! (there will I'm sure be a separate post for what I actually get and a separate post for school supplies and such) The apartment is fully furnished so this faux haul is leaning more towards decorations today!
You read that right! I want a humidifier! And I am not the mother of three! Okay I don't know if that's actually the stereotype but the only person I know who uses humidifiers are my mother and singers. Hello. That second one is me. Because my theatre program only allows for between 1-3 absences per semester per class I really cannot be getting sick or raspy or gross and snotty. Enter the humidifier. Super useful, super healthy, and super moisturizing. This is all I need in my life.
Scent Diffusers
I really hope my roommates like scents because I love scents. I love these reed scent diffusers but have never had the pleasure of owning one and would love to keep one on my bedside table or in the bathroom or something like that to keep things upbeat around the apartment! This particular set is from P.F. Candle Co.
Candles Holders
I could make an entire post solely on the candles I want, have, and need in my life. And now that I say that I actually might do that. Today, however, we're going to keep it to candle holders and look how cute this set is. Though my apartment does allow candles, they have to stay in the fireplace (makes sense?) This Danya B Filagree Hurricane Rose Gold candle holder set would be a great accent among other candles I think! They also come in a champagne color if the rose gold is too intense.
Jewelry Storage
I have a plethora of earrings, rings, necklaces, and other knick knacks laying around my bathroom at home and I know I desperately need some storage from them. I love this simple glass box that will encourage me to keep my jewelry looking neat while still keeping all my pieces in one place!
Book Ends
I kind of love these A to Z Danya B bookends. Last year in my dorm and sorority house I ended up throwing my books in whatever drawer or on whatever shelf they fit on. At the end of the semester I always ended up keeping the books I knew I'd love to reread or the textbooks that would serve me well for my major and career in the future but I had no where to put them without everything seeming cluttered. At least for the year that I'm in my apartment these should help a ton!
I love mason jars, so hopefully I will be able to pick up a set of these to use for pens, pencils, makeup brushes, sugar, flour, really anything! They are so versatile while still being great decoration pieces for any house, room, or apartment!
I might go for something more decorative or colorful than this one, but I always find myself in need of a vase or two so why not pick up something cheap like this after I first move in? Even if I'm not receiving flowers I love getting some when I go to the market to keep the space I'm in alive and have something to take care of if only for a week.
Clothing Rack
This might seem like an odd one but of everything on this list I might want to get this one first. I'm sharing my closet with one other girl who lived in this apartment last year and she told me that it is quite small. Whether or not it is small by interpretation (she thought I should check it out before I bought a garment rack) I know I have tons of stuff I hang up since 90% of my wardrobe is dresses. So this will be an addition to my room for sure!
I love clocks especially in kitchens! Yes, I have my phone, but I just love how they look and they take even less effort than a phone if you're near one! This one in particular has a simple, sleek look that I think would go well with some of the other decorations I've been picking out!
Curtains are always a good idea, but particularly so when your room and your roommates room has clear glass doors to the sitting area and entrance door. Not quite sure why our school chose these exact doors but I figure some curtains inside our doors will be a good idea when we are getting ready or sleeping!
I know the one above might seem a bit surfer dude cheesy but I think it's pretty cute considering my school is but a short drive away from tons of Southern California beaches. I'd also love to get some wall decor with quotes maybe!

Have any suggestions for what I should get for my apartment? Let me know what you suggest below!


  1. I love those Rose Gold candle holders! They're so pretty and perfect. Also I've always wanted a clothing rack, I think they're great for having extra hanging space, but also planning your outfits for the week (or taking a super cute themed insta pic lol). Can't wait to see how you decorate, Meagan!


  2. I know you have scent on here but I love to have a diffusers to put essential oils in and make everything smell amazing, there are oils for headaches, allergies, one to alert your mind if you need to study or get work done, ones to put you to sleep. the options are endless!

  3. I have so many mason jars scattered around my house. I hope they never go out of style!

  4. Writers block is the worst, can totally relate. Love your style! great choices!

  5. Your decorating picks are so cute! I use a humidifier (I'm not a mother of three either!) to help prevent from getting sick and to keep my skin hydrated in the winter!

    The Blush Blonde

  6. I think all experience writer's block from time to time - I'm happy your new adventure is giving you some inspiration. I have the best time decorating my apartment. I love finding different, fun vases that I put all around it. They're great decor and really inexpensive!


  7. Love those rose gold candle holders! And the book ends! I need these for my house!

    Greta |

  8. What a great round up!! I love those pretty candle holders!!

    xo Ashley

  9. I have been wanting a clothing rack too! Oh and the jewelry box is so cute.

  10. I love those candle holders. You have such great apartment picks!

  11. Dude the blogging writers block is so real. Currently undergoing the same thing! On the plus side, I'm obsessed with the candle holders you picked out xx

  12. Such a great list! I had a diffuser in my apartment last year and the humidifier is a must!

  13. Those candle holders are adorable! I've found so many incredible vases at thrift stores and in the clearance section at TJ Maxx and Marshals! I have a crazy obsession with them, and I just hate paying crazy prices for them!

  14. gorgeous list! i am eyeing that gold clock (i can't get enough of gold details!)

  15. That humidifier looks SO chic. I kinda want one now!!
    XO Amanda |