Friday, August 26, 2016

Horoscopes Can Be A Thing

People often find themselves scanning the horoscope pages in magazines or discussing zodiac sign characteristics with friends, thinking "it's just for jokes, nothing more." Or they are the people who really look to it for direction. Horoscopes and astrology began with the ancient Greeks--they advanced the belief that the position of the planets and the sun has an impact on a person's life when time zones, location, and positions are all deliberated.

Whether laughing or honestly inquiring, looking into horoscopes is fun and uplifting and sometimes simplistically motivational to get you to focus on "your" path; you can take from them what's relevant or meaningful to you. Here are four ways to incorporate some astrological fun in your day, seriously and ironically!

1. Watch a video
Stop reading about whether your prospects of making bank this week are looking up and see how you look eating a potato chip! (Editor's note: seriously check out that video. I don't understand it but I love it at the same time)
2. Get some jewelry that matches your zodiac sign
It's subtle yet interesting; it's personal, handmade, and in support of small businesses. Check some out here and here!

3. Laugh at what's supposedly each zodiac sign's worst quality!

4. Or, just pretend to care:
Horoscopes are awesome because they allow you to decide how much weight they carry. Have some fun, learn a bit more!

Editor's Note: Hey you guys! Thanks for reading this guest post by Mitsi Gamble, an associate of Linda C. Black Astrology where you can find the most accurate daily horoscopes for each sign. I seriously love this website. I used to have an app on my phone for my horoscope and now I just check this website every day. It has so many more details than most other websites and horoscope apps! I'm a leo, what are your signs? Let us know below if you keep up with astrology or not!


  1. You are right we control how much weight they carry. I don't let horoscopes have any impact on my life but I know some swear by them.

  2. These tips are so interesting! I never knew that much about Horoscopes! My sister recent did a cool painting of hers.

  3. Honestly I love horoscopes! I read mine every week.

  4. I don't generally read horoscopes or give them any weight, but sometimes it's fun to read them just for kicks!

    Stephanie |