Saturday, September 10, 2016

Influenster's Endless Summer Voxbox!

Okay. First of all let me address the elephant in the room. (Maybe it's only in my room?) I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long! I know I posted that Trunk Club post the other day but besides that I've been so MIA! I just started my sophomore year of college as a transfer (which I will write about of course!) and it has been so busy. I'm in my first apartment and have two great roommates who have been so welcoming. I've also been visited by my best friend and my boyfriend these past two weekends. In between all of that, school, extra curriculars, and settling in, I just haven't had any time to do anything. Especially blogging. Which breaks my heart because I missed it! I needed this time off though and honestly, I might still be a bit sporadic in my postings these upcoming weeks because I'm still a bit all over the place. But I am officially back in America, there will be an Italy vlog coming soon, and I promise I will try my best to figure this whole schedule out.

PHEWPH! Okay. That's all for that for now. Let's check out this Voxbox! Honestly, I don't completely understand how Influenster works still. Basically though, you sign up, you hook up all your social media, and you try to get these cool "Voxbox" boxes that they send out full of free goodies! All you have to do in return in promote the products on social media and blog (or YouTube or Pinterest or...) about the products! And oh boy I am so excited for these products. I was lucky enough to get Influsneter's Endless Summer Voxbox. Check out the amazing products below!
Max Factor's Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner: $9.99
I gotta be honest. This eyeliner was not my favorite. But also to be fair, I am super picky with my eyeliners. I love liquid eyeliner (I practically only use liquid eyeliner) and this was a marker which I'm notoriously bad at applying. The applicator tip was in the shape of a paddle, so you can make your eyeliner thick or thin which I think is a great idea. I can't say I'll be reaching for this one a ton but it's a great idea and if you love marker eyeliners I highly recommend this one! I am just a lost cause in terms of marker eyeliners.
Max Factor's Masterpiece Max Mascara: $9.99
I loved this! You know when you get a mascara and it's just way too goopy and you have to wipe off the excess and then you blink and the skin around your eyes gets all black? Not this eyeliner! It made my practically nonexistent eyelashes totally noticeable (my boyfriend even commented) and didn't get everywhere. I think I'll be grabbing this one to use on my bottom lashes and on natural makeup days!
Numi Organic Tumeric, Jasmine Green, and Pu-erh Teas: $7.49-$8.99
I love tea and I love this tea. I got three tea bags with the above listed flavors and they were truly so flavorful and delicious. I felt weirdly relaxed while drinking them? Is that a thing? I'll definitely be grabbing these and recommending them to my tea-loving mother next time we're at the market!
Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Leave-In Conditioner: $3.50 or $9.00
I have always wanted to try Not Your Mother's products and I just never have gotten around to it so when I heard that this product was in my Voxbox I was beyond excited. It certainly didn't disappoint either! I'm always in a rush when I shower because I have so many other things to do and I never get to really sit there with my conditioner so I was so happy to receive leave-in conditioner. I just spray this on after I shower and it works to strengthen and lengthen my hair!
Seche Vite Mini: $1.99
Okay I know this is technically a mini but it's a great size! I got a pink color called "intrepid" and a clear topcoat. I've been wearing it for a few days now and it hasn't chipped at all! This top coat is really working wonders and the luminescent pink is so pretty for an end of the summer pow.
Iron-Tek Essential Protein: $44.99
A normal sized container of this is thirty servings! It lasts so long and really helps improve your performance and appearance paired with working out. I got a chocolate flavor (my favorite!) that I mixed into some of my morning smoothie shakes and I felt so awake and ready for the world the rest of the day. I can't wait to buy a full size of this one because it's such a winner.

Thanks so much to Influenster for providing these complimentary products and sponsoring this post! Can't wait to receive my next Voxboxes and review some new goodies!

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