Friday, March 25, 2016

College Spotlight: George Washington University

For our next College Spotlight we're looking at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
M: What is your name?
C: Caroline Clark

M: What school do you go to?
C: George Washington University

M: Where is located?
C: Foggy Bottom neighborhood in Washington, DC
M: What is your major(s)/minor(s)?
C: International Affairs with a tentative minor in economics

M: Why did you choose to go to George Washington University?
C: GWU's international affairs program is one of the best in the nation, not to mention its location in the capital makes it ideal for career opportunities and enables unique opportunities such as having renowned guest speakers and walks on the national mall.

M: What is your mascot?
C: The Colonials
M: Does your school care about sports?
C: It’s not a big part of the culture, but sport (particularly basketball) enthusiasts do just fine.

M: What else does your school care about?
C: Definitely internships. I know 7 people right now who hold internships in the district, working on Capitol Hill or for a local NGO. In the summer a large majority of GW students stay in town to intern locally. Also political awareness. You can’t find someone who doesn’t have an opinion about the 2016 election. Discussions of electoral politics and social justice issues can’t be avoided.

M: What isn't the best thing about your school or what would you change?
C: The freshman Mount Vernon campus is hugely inconvenient and just generally a bummer. It’s about a 10-minute commute from the main Foggy Bottom campus and if you live there, it’s safe to guess your life is miserable.

M: What would you definitely not change?
C: The students, the faculty and staff, the location, the academic programs, Greek life, club sports, the list goes on and on.

M: What is your favorite aspect of your school's campus?
C: It’s in the city which means you can get anything you could possibly want or need at any time of day.

M: What is your favorite aspect of your program/major?
C: It provides international affair students with so many opportunities. We have specially held events and regularly host distinguish guest speakers, as well as have specific academic and peer advisors. Just recently we had H. E. Frank-Walter Steinmeir, the German foreign minister and H. E. Catherine Samba-Panza, the transitional president of the Central African Republic speak at GW.

M: What is the best thing to do in your college's city/town?
The options in DC are endless. In the immediate area, you can walk the National Mall, go see a show at the Kennedy Center or walk down Embassy Row. There are incredible restaurants and places to eat all throughout the city as well as on Foggy Bottom. In terms of going out my friends and I love the Friday night drag show at Town, Ultra Bar, and Kabin lounge.
M: What is the best place to eat on campus and what do you like to eat there?
Beefsteak is José Andrés’ super delicious veggie-focused restaurant; Burger, Tap, and Shake has great burgers and Sweetgreen has really good salads. We don’t have a dining hall in the traditional sense, but there are countless dining opportunities on-campus that accept Gworld.

M: Do you go to the gym?
Not since my ankle injury.

M: What is your favorite class that you have taken so far?
Microeconomics with Professor Foster.
M: What is a class you really want to take?
History of FBI Counterintelligence and Introduction to Existentialism.

M: Where is your "spot" either on or off campus?
I spend a lot of time in Gelman Library and my room, but I don’t really have a “spot” on Foggy because I live on the Vern.

M: What is the party scene like?
There’s something for everyone. If you don’t go out, that’s fine, and if you go out 5 nights a week that’s also okay. Frats and some athletic teams/club teams host parties most weekend nights. I think the party scene is equal parts clubs, frats, and bars for most people.
M: What is your favorite memory at your school?
Sometime hanging out with my friends. They’re my home away from home.

M: What makes George Washington University unique?

The students and the opportunities. GW students tend to be thoughtful, ambitious, fun and considerate. I already touched on some of the opportunities GW provides the students but truly the options are endless.

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