Friday, June 10, 2016

Love by Meagan's Plans for the Summer

As I have mentioned before, I will be studying abroad in Italy this summer! More details to come later in this post, but I thought I'd give you all a heads up for what that means for Love by Meagan this summer. As part of my homework/project assignment for the study abroad trip, I will be required to post about six blog posts about my experience in Italian. I fully intend on posting these posts in both Italian and English so you don't have to rush to a translator to figure out what I'm saying (also Italian weirdly doesn't translate super well directly to English).

My plan for this summer is to post on Mondays and Fridays, with the Friday post being about Italy and including the required posts for my project. Though I have been posting three times a week since I started this blog, I think at least for the beginning I will need to scale back. There's going to be a nine hour time difference as well as limited time for posting and writing, as well as limited internet access for all I know. I don't want to bombard my readers with only travel posts, especially since this isn't a travel blog, so I will keep Monday posts (for the most part) strictly about lifestyle.

In Italy, I will be taking intensive Italian language classes for three hours each day for two months. The program begins at the beginning of July and ends at the end of August. I will also be taking cooking classes once each week and will be taken on explorative trips each Saturday with the program. I will be going to Lecce, Italy which is in the south south south of Italy. Pretty far away from any major cities that come to mind when you think of Italy (e.g. Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Sicily, Naples, etc.) but hopefully I will be traveling a bit on the weekends to see these cities. One of my best friends, Caroline, will be studying abroad in Paris which obviously a ways away from me but hopefully I will be able to meet her halfway somewhere! My other friend, Fatima, will maybe be visiting family in Florence so I will hopefully be able to see her too.

Obviously I just said "hopefully" a lot, so clearly that means there's a lot up in the air right now and also a lot going on. The fine details are still a bit vague and unclear to me, but long story short, I am extremely excited to be going on this adventure only to come back to a whole new adventure in Southern California! Thank you for coming on it with me and be sure to comment and let me know what you'd like to see or hear about while I am abroad!

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