Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Eleven Top Eugene Eats

So I realize that the vast majority of my readers are not from Eugene, Oregon, however I am currently in Eugene, Oregon therefore you will read about the amazing restaurants in the area. Then, if you are ever in Eugene, Oregon, you too can eat at these amazing finds.

1. Barry's Espresso Bakery & Deli
I am currently sitting in Barry's so it only seems fitting to start here. The Barry's I am at right now is actually losing their lease here within a few days of this post because a marijuana dispensary is moving in. Needless to say I'm bitter as hell. But good news! There will be a new location. So Google that if you're ever in town and wanting a good study spot and some dang good bakery food. I'm having this chocolate cookie right now that is reminiscent of Rocky Road ice cream. It's great. They have tons of bakery treats as well as soups and sandwiches. I've yet to get a sandwich here because I'm usually in a rush, but their cilantro corn vegan soup that I'm eating right now is bomb and I highly suggest it. I'm not even vegan.

2. Sweet Life Patisserie
In line with beautiful café environments, Sweet Life is a must for anyone in Eugene. They have gorgeously made and delicious desserts. The line is always practically out the door and even though it's a long wait it's always worth it. I'm a huge fan of soufflés and their chocolate soufflé is off the chain.

3. Belly Taqueria
I had not found decent Mexican food in Oregon until I visited Belly. Granted, they have a limited menus (note: it's a Taqueria) but it's really really good food. Their margaritas are also not a drink to be passed on. I tried my friends mini soft shell tacos and I myself ordered some cheese enchiladas. If anyone asks for Mexican food in Eugene I will direct them here.

4. Chula's Restaurant and Cantina
Or here! I'd been wanting to visit Chula's since I got here because I saw it everywhere and everyone in my sorority always talked about it! Some of my sisters actually work there and I always see them whenever I go. Chula's has more than just tacos and it's all really really good. I got chicken enchiladas (are you seeing a trend?) which I highly suggest.

5. Ambrosia Restaurant & Bar
Yum yum yum. This place is in Downtown Eugene and is perfect for a fun and peaceful date night. Their cocktails are really delicious and the food we got was nothing short of wonderful. It's classic Italian cuisine that goes above and beyond expectations.

6. Beppe and Gianni's Trattoria
Another favorite Italian place of mine in Eugene is here. It was one of the first Italian restaurants I heard about from my Italian teacher no less. And she's from Italy so she knows what's up. Everyone I know loves it here, and I go here frequently for birthdays and get togethers. The atmosphere is loud and upbeat which is great for a more lively date night!

7. Elk Horn Brewery
Okay I had been wanting to go here forever. The brewery is right by my sorority house and the outside looks super cool. One of my friends mentioned they had an Elk burger which doesn't necessarily appeal to me but I looked up their menu after hearing that. They have an item called pulled pork mac n' cheese which I was obviously dying to try. After months of waiting to find the right time to go here, I took my mom when she was visiting. To my great disappointment, they were out of their signature beer cheese sauce. Which APPARENTLY means no mac n' cheese. I was devastated but I moved on. I really freaking love beer cheese sauce too. My mom got a burger, I got a meat sampler (served on a board), and Brandon also got a burger. All were good, I just want my freaking mac n' cheese before I leave.

8. Wild Duck Cafe
I went here when my dad visited and also for my friend Megan's (yes another Megan) birthday. I ordered their beer cheese soup that came with a soft pretzel and it was delicious. I wasn't too hungry that night and it was a really great plate for someone who doesn't want to much. The food the rest of my friends got looked great as well and I definitely would love to go back.

9. Board Restaurant
My friend Clarae and I had heard about this restaurant when we were joking about foods being served on boards. Turns on this is the hub for board food. We visited earlier this week and had great service! We got there when it opened and were served right away. I got baba ganoush and she got a vegan hand pie. The atmosphere and decor were really calming and the food (no less on a board of course) was delicious!

10. Tailored Coffee Roasters
Okay I kind of have a bone to pick with this place but it's also delicious. They have really yummy pastries and coffee. I always opt for the peanut butter and honey toast (served on a board) which is really filling and yummy. I've gotten their chai as well as their hot chocolate, both were very good. The strange thing about this place is it takes forever to get your drink and food. Like upwards of ten minutes for a hot chocolate and a piece of toast with peanut butter on it. And it wasn't even busy. The employees also were not the best at answering our questions. So it was a bit of an awkward experience when Clarae and I visited, yet still very very good.

11. Sizzle Pie
GOOD PIZZA. That's all you need to know.

Bonus: BJ's and Applebee's, but there are everywhere. I just really like them. Also Voodoo Doughnut, I'm not the biggest fan, but I'm sure many else would like this place!
Still to visit: Excelsior and Oregon Electric Station. Will keep you guys updated.

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